Description: Have two 6.1 engines sitting in unhappy cold corners I will open up next few weeks.

One has no issues known but had some small gasket material in the oil and we swapped another engine to be safe before a wk1 turbo install.

The other had a lifter collapsed from the sound of it so have to see the extent of the damage inside.

Honestly not going to open these up on any nearterm timeframe unless there is serious ready to buy interest. I treat the extra 6.1 engines I have as savings accounts lol

6.1 blocks

$800 if cylinders majorly scored or only usable for stroker builds

$1200 if good shape. hot tank, hone, and some minor machine work should still be expected.


$500 no major issues
$300 need some machine shop r&r

These are just ballparks for you to PM me about if you need one for a project and once I have enough interest I'll open them up and confirm state for the buyers. Obviously payment after opening, closeup photos/videos, etc but let me know who's ready to buy in what condition and for the price range and we'll go from there.

Doesn't include shipping although I've crated and freighted before. Would of course in a dream world prefer local but price trumps convenience if need be.

Price (USD): $1200

Location: Chesterton, Indiana
Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within Country
Shipping Cost (USD): $300