06-10 6.1L Hemi Based 426 Stroker Block


Bought a Jeep srt8 with a 6.1 based 426 stroker according to the owner. I ended up with just the block in a longer story than I’ll get into.

Block was magnafluxed by a machine shop and checked out good.

Cylinder bore is 4.078 with my digital gauge

Block has some surface rust from sitting for 9 months at the machine shop.

Oil squirters are removed and not included. I assume the last builder used block off caps for the squirters like some stroker builds do.

I see machining at the bottom of some cylinders for I assume stroker assembly clearancing. See photos.

Main cap #2 has a crack in it (see photos). Will need to be replaced. There is a small indentation/scratch I am including a closeup of here on the mating surface for main cap #2. Please look at this closely and make sure you and your machine shop/builder are comfortable with this as there will be no refunds for known issues shared in the description.

I am not warranting this is a ready to run block or that it has all 426 block clearancing needed as I am not a machinist and you will need to check with your own 426 stroker crank and machine shop to confirm.

You may need to clean up the bores and do additional machining to use this for your 6.1 based 426 hemi stroker build.

I warranty the block is good and can be used by a machine shop for your 426 stroker build.

I can ship freight on a pallet to a place of business with a forklift or the nearest freight terminal to you for $250-350.