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5.7L Hemi Registry #1650 Tbird100636

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Dan McCabe

2011 Dodge Charger R/T

Vehicle Color:
Redline 3 Coat Pearl


Factory Options:

R/T Plus Group, Redline 3 Coat Pearl Paint, Radar Red/Black Interior, Navigation and Back-Up Camera Group, Driver Convenience Group, Power Sunroof, Rear Spoiler

Modifications and aftermarket:

Slush Mats, McGard Wheel Locks, Front and Rear molded splash guards, Heritage R/T grille badge, Heritage R/T decklid badge. Mopar cargo organizers, Flowmaster Force II exhaust system, 68-74 Charger badge (for grille), Mopar Cold Air Intake, Silver Pentastar badges on engine cover, 2012+ DODGE// grille badge on engine cover (tabs cut off and mounted with double-sided tape), 2005-2008 Magnum badge on engine cover, Mopar Black Chrome Grille surround, factory shelf subwoofer (attempted, currently not operational), underhood light.

Future Modifications:

Silver Pentastar badge on R.F. lower fender, blinker mod.

Modifications that were considered, but passed on:

Mopar chin spoiler, Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system, heated steering wheel, AWD Police brake upgrade.

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Thanks to RobAGD for getting this in!!! :pepper:

Pictures, Front left corner:

Rear left corner:

Radar Red/Black interior:

The heart of the car, the 5.7L VCT MDS HEMI:

More pictures coming, after the splash guards are installed.
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you got a new charger. sweet! :thumbs_u:
love the redline
Thanks Pete!!!
New pictures after 1 month, now with molded mudflaps:

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Couple more pics:

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Love the car, The red Interior is amazing I have the same set up inside people go crazy when they see it huh? Are those factory rims?
Love the car, The red Interior is amazing I have the same set up inside people go crazy when they see it huh? Are those factory rims?
Yep, those are the factory AWD rims for the Charger. 19" size.
New pictures, with the R/T badge replacing the Dodge badge in the grille.

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More pictures, decklid R/T badge:

Mopar cargo organizers in the trunk:

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A Flowmaster Force II exhaust system is coming this week for the Charger. Just under $600 shipped from Amazon. Hoping to get the Mopar chin spoiler on before the Mohegan Sun show. Also looking into options for removing the rear spoiler. Just too damned annoying to clean and dry around it. Only a few minor issues have cropped up:

-Parking brake pedal pad split apart.
-Shifter bezel slider squeaks when moving shift lever.
-Horns are weak.
-Recall for front door handles.

I'll stop by the dealer this week to schedule an appointment.
Flowmaster Force II exhaust has been on a couple weeks. I'm definetely satisfied with the sound and loudness of it. The door handle recall, park brake pedal pad, shifter slider, and horns were done this past Friday. I've changed my mind on the chin spoiler... for now. I think the front bumper looks good without it. Also the car is higher in the front so the functionality of a parking curbstone scraper isn't needed. 68-74 Grille badge installed. New picture from this past Sunday:

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Some more recent pictures. This is from The Great American Car Show in late July. A bunch of us met up at the Dedham Mall, then drove up together.

A shot after the show at Larz Anderson Park.

I've had it to several Mass Cruisers Cruise Nights at Patriot Place as well.
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More recent pictures:

9/6 at Bass Pro, with some fellow LD owners:

I made it to my first Wheels of Time cruise night at SE Regional HS with it.

Brought it to the United Charity Car Show at the local Toyota/Scion dealer.

Brought it to the Cruisin' New England Spooktackular

And the finale of the season, the last cruise night of the year at Bass Pro, with some classic Mopar Muscle:

And there were a few in-between that. Can't wait for this year's season to start!!! Planning on going to Lime Rock for a Sandy Hook benefit in April.
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A Mopar CAI will go on by the end of the month.
Mopar CAI finally installed.

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Added some badges and a little paint to the engine cover a month back:
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A more recent photo from the local UTI show:

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Recently changed the grille surround:

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Installed the factory shelf subwoofer and wired it correctly to the amplifier. It at the moment is not functioning, but it isn't high on my priority list.
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