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I know where Hoffa is...
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Real Name
Josh S

2006 Dodge Charger RT

Vehicle Color:
GoManGO Orange


Factory Options:

Customer Preferred Package 28V - Daytona Package #1038 of 4000

Electronics Convienence group

Sound Group II (AM/FM Cass/CD 6-disk mp3)

Modifications and aftermarket:

DMH low-profile electronic cutouts

Resonator delete

Danko Reproductions Shaker hood scoop

SRT front fascia

AAC LED halos - 6 ring kit plus fog light

Automatic headlights

RedFox-Racing GoManGO Orange gauge cluster overlay (the first GMG colored overlay)

GO MANGO trunklid decal

rocker panel decal stripe kit

Body color interior panels - gague rings, shift bezel, steering wheel inserts/buttons

Custom made orange dice door lock knobs, tire valve stem caps and billiards cue-ball drilled/tapped and painted to fit as shift knob

MODS "sitting on the shelf"

BT Catchcan - to be installed next Spring when I can work outside w/o my fingers freezing to the metal

fit/finish interior mods - removing the light color from the interior and replacing with flat black paint or leather wrapping - time frame TBD


Full list of factory options:
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a155/gomango_mn/2006 Dodge Charger Daytona/ScannedImage.jpg

I know where Hoffa is...
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SRT front fascia, Danko Shaker and AAC LED halos (hard to see in the really bright day light)

Custom painted Rams head ornament, Danko Shaker w/ one of a kind SHA KER insert

R/T badging similar to old Mopar R/Ts of years past

Resonator delete with 3" tips (13" long - almost no drone with MDS, except at city speeds), GoManGO trunk blackout

Rocker panel stripe with GoManGO cutout

Custom painted interior parts - steering wheel inserts, radio/HVAC knobs (chrome rings painted GMG orange), gauge cluster rings, billiards cue-ball drilled/tapped and painted for shift knob, shifter trim

Close up of Redfox-Racing gauge overlay - the first GoManGO overlay made

Close up of shift knob and trim ring

Daytona badge - 1038 of 4000

I know where Hoffa is...
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As of 6:25pm, it has been 7 years of ownership. What did I get for my Charger for the 7yr anniversary? A new concrete driveway! As of today, I can actually drive on the new concrete.

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