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5.7L Hemi Registry # 00436 monty1269

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Real Name
Michael Montgomery

2005 Dodge Magnum RT

Vehicle Color:
Inferno Red


Factory Options:

Electronics Conv. Group 2
Protection package

Modifications and aftermarket:

In order of installation:
Auto Headlamps - Freebie!
Cut off Resonators - new exhaust tips. (Gone!)
Painted engine cover (SOLD!)
Removed intake silencer
Black Headlamps
Superchips FlashPaq (91 Performance tune) (GONE!)
Foose Nitrous 20's (Staggered) (SOLD!)
Hotchkis Swaybars (modified) (see below)
AirHammer v1.0 intake (SOLD!)
SLP Loudmouth 2 catback exhaust
JBA Hi-Flow cats (Gone!)
22" Foose Nitrous (Staggered)
Diablosport (Beta tester) Predator
Spartan cam 113 LSA
SRT suspension - except Hotchkis springs on the front
275/40 Hoosiers on 17 x 8.5 Borbet TS rims
Ported Billet Technology Throttle Body (PM 1fst4dr for info)
SRT headers
SRT Magnaflow hi-flow cats
LMI (Legmaker) Carbon Fiber AirHammer CAI (installed 05/17/10)(SOLD!)
3.06 215mm Rear (from an '09 Chally RT thanks Jon! "novawagonmaster") (installed 06/12/10)
Edge 3200TC (torque converter) (installed 06/12/10) (SOLD!)

---Installed 02/05/11---

SRT intake manifold w/ fuel rails and injectors

Eagle heads which needed (on my car) the following:
- custom gaskets
- custom pushrods
- '09 valve covers
- coil packs
- coil pack connectors

installation (parts required)
typical installation kit:
cam bolt
crank bolt
head bolts
head gaskets
rocker arm bolts

And some additional regular maintenance items:
- adjustable timing chain and tensioner
- water pump
- oil pump
- rocker arm bolts
- serpentine belt
- belt tensioner
- timing cover gasket

underdrive pulley (stock SRT pulley)

Installed 04/01/11
LMI True Intake

Installed 5/21/11
FTI 3600 TC

Engine (stock CR):
  • Short Block
    • Stock 5.7
  • Long Block
    • Inertia Motorsports - Spartan CAM
      • Peak Power - 357 @ 5400 RPM
      • Peak Torque - 375 @ 4450 RPM
      • Gross Valve Lift (GVL): .536/.539 (Int./Exh.)
      • Duration @ .050" Lift: 214/218 (Int./Exh.)
      • Piston to Valve (PTV) Clearance: .???/.??? (Int./Exh.)
      • Lobe Separation Angle (LSA): 113
  • Heads
    • Eagle heads UNTOUCHED-no porting (installed 02/05/11)
    • Eagle stock Springs (installed 02/05/11)
  • Intake
    • Ported Billet Technology (1fst4dr) TB
    • LMI (Legmaker) Carbon Fiber "True" Intake (installed 04/01/11)
    • SRT Intake manifold (stock) (installed 02/05/11)
  • Cooling
    • 170* T-stat
  • SRT Headers
  • SRT Magnaflow hi-flow cats
  • SLP Loudmouth 2 catback
Drivetrain (Tranny, Differential):
  • FTI 3600 Stall TC (installed 05/21/11)
  • 3.06 gears - from "novawagonmaster" a 2010 Chally RT (installed 06/12/10)
  • 215mm halfshafts - from "novawagonmaster" a 2010 Chally RT (installed 06/12/10)
  • Mopar TCM (on order)
  • Hotchkis Sway Bars
  • SRT suspension on rear
  • Hotchkis springs and SRT shocks on front
Wheels (Brakes, Tires, Rims):
  • Foose Nitrous 22"
  • Vredesteins (staggered) 295 on the rear, 265's on the front (daily drive)
  • 275/40 Hoosiers or MT's on 17 x 8.5 Borbet TS rims (rear) (at the track)
  • Underhood
    • BT Under Hood Satin Dressup Kit
    • BT Strut Tower Bullet Covers
  • Interior
    • BT shifter
    • Dynamat Sound Proofing (trunk, floor, doors)
  • Exterior
    • SRT/SE Headlamps
    • Color-matched rear wing (stock)
  • Diablosport Trinity
  • Johan Custom CMR Tune
  • BT Catch-Can
PRE-cam Dyno (Airhammer gen1 intake only - and 20" Foose wheels)

Recent Dyno (Just after the SRT headers, Magnaflow cats) :

And the recent timeslip (prior to 3.06 gears and Edge 3200 TC):

Here's the dyno sheet after the Eagle heads and 6.1 intake addition. This was done on a Mustang dyno, in 92+ degree summer heat... (05/21/11)

And here's my latest Timeslip (after TC installed back in May :roll: )

Aaaaand my latest timeslip from Bradenton (Right lane - 1D ) :
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One of the very first "mods" I did....

This has been SOLD.... I'm at the track too much. LOL!
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Damn, Michael...you got a little catchin' up to do! LOL

What about all the other mods?

Nice cover BTW!:thumbs_u:

I don't have alot of room to talk since my Hemi registry is rarely touched!:doh:
Updated.... with latest dyno, and timeslip. :rock:

OH..and I sold that cover.... It got in the way at the track soooooo... :racing:
Time to update this again!!! You know where!!!:racing:
yer right... ;)
Updated!! :rock:

3.06 gears and Edge 3200 TC.... (installed 06/12/10)
UPDATE: 02/05/11... The Eagle swap.

Eagle Heads (stock, untouched)
Modern Muscle gasket(s)
coilover conversion
6.1 Manifold
6.1 lifters
etc etc..... see threads below for more info:

The Eagle Swap Planning thread here:

The install by Afterhours Mopar Performance thread:

Aaand I cant forget my new sig! LOL!

Results to follow soon! Tuning in progress!
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The write-up:

Almost Valentine's Day... decided that she needs some luvin'. I took the girl to Afterhours Mopar Performance and let Scott and Jon have their way with her.

Here what she looked like when I dropped her off. Gentle and innocent in a factory-ish sort of way:

We put her up on the lift exposing her for all the world to see. Look! No thong! :mrgreen:

Anyways... I left her up there; getting the F_ out of the way... Scott/Jon touched her all over... inside and out... fondling her at times... man-handling her when she wanted it - and believe me, she wanted it! :rock: I kept getting updates throughout the night. Dirty little pictures sent to my cell phone... like these showing her..."insides" :shock:

Next they gave her head... Eagle heads (non-ported, stock Eagle springs, custom rods)

As you know, some girls are a little more ...complicated... than others. This one needed some styling on the wiring harness and fancy new coilpacks. (coilpack differences between the '05 5.7's and the '06+) Jon is the expert here, so he did a lot of touching, making good solid connections right where she needeed it most.

At this point, the boys fingers were tweaked for the night and the girl would get another day of man-handling. :mrgreen:

Last minute change: With some excellent assistance from Dave at Modern Mopar Performance Group, I was able to finish her off with an SRT intake manifold! She would definitely be able to suck a LOT better now! Especially with more room to grow...aka 426!! :stir: :rock:

Scott/Jon were in the home stretch... Rouding third base... Heading for home!

Here she is all buttoned up...

I got back to the shop around 8pm Saturday night - Scott/Jon waited for me to get there after several hours of hard work with minimal sleep and Scott being sick. Needless to say she whooped on 'em pretty hard. I think I saw lash marks on Jon's back; but he was smiling about it. :wink:

I'm still doing more mods to her and plan on completing the tweaking process with Johan on the rollers real soon; Yes, Johan likes playing with her too!

I'll keep ya'll posted!

SUPER-special thanks to the boys at Afterhours Mopar Performance:
Jon- The attention to detail and doing things 'right' is simply AWSOME! It's not every day you come across a guy that is willing to go the extra mile..and more! MAJOR kudos to you brudda!

Scott- What can I say man… Over the past five years I've known you; you have helped me SO many times I've lost count. From lining up for the first time on a drag-strip, to open heart surgery on my car; you've always taken that extra time to help out the slow kid. Simply put, you are a good man. I'd give ya a kiss, but you'd probably try to round me up in a Rob-n-Bishop kinda lovin' way.

I REALLY have to thank a bunch of people on this one....
Erik - Thanks for answering a bazillion questions. (mostly repeating everything you had already said or posted.) :roll:

Cam- Sometimes I need a 2x4 upside the head and you delivered. :mrgreen:
Stu (Inertia)- Thank you for answering more and more questions… and the expedited pushrods. VERY quick delivery!!
Dave (Modern Muscle Perf. Group) - Talk about a last minute save!! Whew! Without your help, I certainly would have been walking to work this morning.
Johan- The toooooooona! Once again brudda... you've hit it on the head. Came thru for me on a SUNDAY! Thank you SO much. We'll get this tune dialed-in and hit the rollers real soon! (hint!)
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Goodbye my friend. You have served me well. I enjoyed the time we shared together... :sad:

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Updated signature required. :rock:

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New Build Includes:
6.1 shortblock from AMP, LMI 'True' intake - Modern Muscle ported manifold - Indy Heads - PWR cam - FTI converter - <TTI Longtube(catless) - 3.06 gears, 17 X 8.5 Borbet TS w/ 275/40 Hoosiers - Johan (diablotoona) tuned!! Billet Tech Goodies EVERYWHERE. ALL Parts supplied by LXF vendors... Afterhours Mopar Performance, SpeedRated, PWR, Modern Muscle, Picklefork...and LXForum members. Installed by: Afterhours Mopar Performance

Here's the dyno sheet:

Sorry...as of 6/6/12 no track numbers... It's summer in S. Florida and the rain has come... BOOOOOO! :(
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Geez... I gotta update this thing! LOL

In short: PWR Forged 6.1 block -Novi1500 - Modern Muscle ported intake manifold - Indy Heads - PWR cam - TTI Longtube(catless) - Paramount TC/Transmission- 3.06 Getrag
Twisted the driveshaft.....oops. :banghead:

DSS Carbon Fiber driveshaft and DSS 1400 HP axles installed...

Time to hit the track:
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Well dayum! It's been a loooooOOOOOOoooooong time since I've updated this!! LOL

Lets just slap this here:
Receipt Font Temperature Number Paper
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WOW.... Been a loooooooooooooooooooooong time since Ive been on this forum. :(
WOW.... Been a loooooooooooooooooooooong time since Ive been on this forum. :(
Uhm yea!!!!! Lol
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