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5.7L Hemi Registry #00426 JonzMgnm

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Real Name
John Young

2005 Dodge Magnum RT

Vehicle Color:
Inferno Red


Factory Options:

Conv. Grp I
Conv. Grp II

Modifications and aftermarket:

382 RWHP 411 RWTQ

MSRT wheels/ Hotchkis swaybars/ Mopar Performance Heads/ F. R. I. 'Sidewinder' Cam/ SRT Headers / Hi-Flo cats/ 6.1 rear diff (3.06 gears)/ Pro-Torque 2800 RPM converter/ Taylor shorty wires/ 180 deg. stat/ NOESP mod/ DiabloSport Predator w/ custom Inertia Motorsports Tune/ Black Mesh Grille w/ '70 R/T emblem/ Auto Headlamp Mod/ Blinker Mod/ In-Motion Nav/ Rockrord-Fosgate speakers/ SRT Leather Shift Knob/ 22elite Padded Leather Console/ 300SRT8 door pulls/ Chrome door lock pins/ LED Taillights/ Color matched spoiler, splash guards, license plate mount, fog-light bezels, elec. dist. cover, strut tower covers, Sirius antenna/ 30% Front tint/ Black Headlights.

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John, what are your inside door handles from?, what is the blinker mod?, autoheadlamp mod?

thanks pete
HRM, you can read abut the door pulls here.

The blinker mod info can be found here.

And the auto headlights info can be found here.

Hope that answers your questions. Happy modding, friend!:thumbs_u:
I finally found this thread, I forgot I posted to it.
Just want to take some time to thank my good friend Erik (Hemi31) for the countless discussions about where I wanted to go with my car, and the adventurous journey to my Maggie's current state! He's made numerous suggestions and I listened to them all........this man knows his stuff! I look forward to many more.:wink:

Thanks a million, friend!:beerchug:
Your Welcome John.I'm still amazed at the power the car makes:shock::thumbs_u:
Your Welcome John.I'm still amazed at the power the car makes:shock::thumbs_u:
You and me both, man!

Btw....I still can't find anybody to play!:sad:
Are you still running the stock PCM?
Yes, I am....and stock TCM, as well. The only tune on this is the Superchips.:banana:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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