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300C or Charger/Magnum RT

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I know I want either the 300C or the Charger/Magnum RT.

Are there any differences between the 3 outside of the body?
Which one is better and why?
Are there any differences between the 2005 and the 2006 300C?

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ginger bread

you will find more stuff available on the 300C, it has some options that are not on the Charger or Magnum.

Curiously, the 300 is a lighter car in the SRT series. Aluminum hood and trunk lid must help.

But the performance differences are very subtle. It's all about the "look".
nice point.

All LXes have an aluminium hood and trunk lid.
I didn't contradict that. Please re-check reading comprehension.

I still find it curious about the weight thing, as the 300 is more "heavily" optioned. How's that, Tbird?

I like the "ice cream" analogy. We're just waiting for prices to bottom out and we'll probably get a Mag SRT8 at the auction.

Mmmmmm, two SRT8's. Life is good.
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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