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300C or Charger/Magnum RT

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I know I want either the 300C or the Charger/Magnum RT.

Are there any differences between the 3 outside of the body?
Which one is better and why?
Are there any differences between the 2005 and the 2006 300C?

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I can tell you I have had a lot of RT & Mag owners in awe of all the extra touches in the C. But as said before, it's all your choice and you won't go wrong whatever you choose. Good Luck finding the one you want... :thumbs_u:

*edit* (The wife wanted to add that the comfort in the C far exceeds that of the other two.)
Ok so let me start with I wasn't trying to put down either the Charger or the Magnum. My point, there are things the 300C has that the others don't, maybe of no substance to alot of people but some of us like the extra touches.

One touch power adjustable seat, steering wheel, pedals, mirrors, and radio memory.
(Priceless since we have 2drivers)

Auto tint rear view, and drivers side mirrors with both outside mirrors tilt for reverse.
(the mirror tint thing is nice, the tilt honestly we don't use)

Auto adjusting front headlamps.
( this is nice out on the highway they dim and brighten as cars approach)

Rain sensing wipers.
(Not a big deal in AZ but still cool)

Electric tilt and telescoping Steering wheel
(Makes it nice for the wife and I to set it exactly for each of us)

The inside trim is more luxury car then sports car.
(The gauge cluster and trim accents are more our style)

The ride is unmatched by the other two cars in the LX family.
(Again personal preferance, the 300C doesn't handle as well as the other 2)

Oh and one more reason we love our 300C. :racing:
( It can run with any of the other 5.7 cars, & outrun alot of non LX cars)

Honestly I'm not sure if the Charger or Magnum have some of these options or not, but the 300C does. My point is the same as everyone else's, we each have our own style and buy what we like. I think we all can agree that the LX cars are the best on the road. When you ask a question like, which one should I buy? Your going to get personal opinions and we are all going to say why we like ours the best. So there was no hate in my what my Wife ( Freebird ) or I said just our preference. There's been enough of that kind of stuff on the forum lately let's get back to why we all joined LX Forums. Our love for these [email protected]** cars. :beerchug:
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Very well said everyone, for the record this is my Wifes car, I will have an SRT8 300 when I'm in the market again. Must go Faster... :mrgreen:
I'm still learning about the 07 since this is our first LX. Wish I could help on the difference between 05/06 man sorry.
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