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3" Exhaust on 5.7 Challenger automatic

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Do you think that the 3" Cat back exhaust system on a 5.7 automatic Challenger is to big and would it lose HP instead of adding? I Installed my 3" Cat back and the car litterly SLOWED down quiet a bit. Any Info would be helped here. Thank you
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Everybody said i wost lose low end power once i added my 3" exhaust, however it actually took .2 off my 1/4 time with the same mods i had when i had my 2.25" exhaust. One thing i learned about this forum, is if you get one person or a group of people are that suppose to be a experts in something, everybody goes with whatever that persons says instead of trying it out for themselves and making their own conclusions
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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