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2010 Camaro Spotted In My Town Tonight

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He was passing through and stopped at the Chevy dealership to show it off. Was on the way back to Detroit. Sorry for the crappy cel phone pics. :)
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I like the Camaro as it looks to have a wider stance..But the Chally seems to be longer..I would like one of each please! :)
psssst... mark... we got crappy cell phone pics of a camaro... what about the good ones of the tundra????
HAHA! I knew that was coming! I just knew it! Ya just won't let me get a few mods on it will ya! :)
Heck I did some minor but meaningful mods today..Disabled the DRL's..Damn ones on the Tundra are the egg yolk turn signal bulbs....And also the infamous seat belt chime/dummy light is history, thanks to the mod out for it.
Now you have been here long enough to know we like pics, stock or not. We like to watch our cars (trucks) transform. Like watching kids grow up. lol
Ya I know..I am going to snap one or two today. :)





LOL! I did! I did saw a putty cat! Check my other thread. :)
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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