Location: Kansas City, KS
Local pickup firm prices

About to offer it to our mopar group down here so don’t expect it to be available forever

Expect shipping to be high so we don’t waste time if you want shipping quotes

Already gone:
Rear trunk lid (deposit on/holding)
Rear bumper (deposit on/holding)

PM me for pricing on little items or anything not listed below. Items will be removed as sold and paid for.

seats 750
front spindles 350
brembos 350
rear spindles 350
rotors 50
exhaust catback 200
wheels, scatpack 2016 700
trans (180k miles) 800

valve covers 80
MSD blaster red coilpacks 300
oil pan 100
exhaust manifolds 150
ecu plus ignition plus key 300
wiring harness 300
fuel pump and tank 200
Fuse boxes 80
suspension (newer shocks) 200
cluster 150
driveshaft, rear diff 300

rear trunk cover 100
doors $900
shifter $150
heater control 50
side view mirrors 50
turn signals 50
center bezel 50
floor mats 100
rear view mirror 25