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2007 sxt

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What are the Pro's and Con's of this year Magnum/Engine. I am looking at possibly trading the 300 in on the Magnum and wanted to hear what people had to say. Thanks!
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Yeah seriously, drop the freakin' Hemitudes...I've been noticing this alot more on here.

I bought my 07 Magnum SXT back in May. The car is absolutely amazing to me. I've taken it on trips and have managed to get 25-27 MPG with a fully loaded trunk and half a rear seat, I'm talking FULLY LOADED this thing has no pressure to get millage like that. I've taken it to car shows, taken it racing, when it snows it fun to find a big empty parking lot turn off the ESP and do some hoonage.:tinfoilhat: The mods are there you just have to look for them. The brakes aren't god like brembo's but I've had the thing on a short exotic rally and it did just fine.

I haven't found one thing to complain about over the price. I got mine on a trade in for $14k and it's been nothing but :thumbs_u: since!


You thar, Mr. CMack, drop the race subject cause that whole topic in terms with this is completely irrelevant.

I read what was written but I don't agree with it, cause there is and always will be Hemitudes on this site. From time to time there are some pretty nasty things said maybe once or twice but to deal with it everytime that's another story. There are a few members that aren't exactly on my A-list. I wanted to check out MOFO 6 and see what the deal was with the intakes. Now you should never take chat typing to heart but instead of getting a "Hi" or "Howz it goin?", I receive more of "you have a V6, what are you doing here?"

From Show's standpoint he feels offended and I do to, simply because the original statement is a complete negative comment towards V6 LX's.

"The only Con is that you'll wish you stepped up to an R/T if not an SRT."

So remember, think before you speak. Your second post should have been your first. There are other options out there, have you looked into getting an R/T? If you had been working for me and a customer felt that what you said was rude I would have fired you on the spot. Statements like above seem a bit common and this site shouldn't be a bitter community about each others cars. If anything that'll make a person stay away.

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1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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