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I've been keeping track of my gas/repairs/mods etc. and thought I'd pass along what has happened in the 20k since I've had the Mag.
I bought it with 32,724 miles on the clock and at last fill-up I was at 52,867 for a total of 20,174miles and 1290 Hours.
Gas purchases total $3590.62 at an average cost of $3.49 per gallon. With 1041.614 gallons run through the tanks, I've gotten 19.37MPG.
I've paid everywhere from $1.859 last week to $4.739 on 9/12 for the good stuff, running almost exclusively Shell 93.
My Mods total an astounding $335. This is for the Tint, 3825 S/C, MDS Light, Velcro for the load floor, Nav disc, Catch Can, Glasspacks, and Flow 50's not yet installed (sorry Bonez).
Repairs come to $62.53. This is for a 4127 Thermostat and the Bosch Icon wipers I installed last week. These wipers are worth the money.
I have had the Trans Shudder fixed, but that was at zero cost.
Nothing else has been needed, as the low RPM uphill shudder
has been a "no concern noted" at the Dealer, and I've kinda gotten used to it.

I hope the rest of you get as many trouble free (s)miles as I've had. This is my first Dodge since my 1983 Rampage.

Looks like I'm gonna keep this one.

Merry Christmas All!!

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Congrats on what's turned out to be a wise purchase. I think you're with the majority in your experiences of largely trouble-free miles. I know I'M in that group, anyway!
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