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2 Week Discount for CNC Ported 5.7 & 6.1 Head Orders for Mopar Nationals

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Power Ported Performance announces the Mopar Nationals show price discount:

Starting August 9th and ending August 25th!!!

Previous price:

$1,295.00 per set of CNC ported Heads

Mopar Nationals 2 week special show price:
$1,245.00 (per set of either 5.7L or 6.1L ported heads)

Call today to order! (859) 816-1824

Optional Items:

Polished Bee Hive Valve Springs:

$239.00 (set of 16 Springs)

Titanium Retainers:

$159.00 (set of 16 retainers)

4130 Chrome Molly 5/16 Push Rods:

$132.00 (set of 16 Push Rods)

Vitron Ultra Valve Seals

$30.00 (set of 16)

Heat Insulator Intake Gaskets

$26.00 (set of 2: only applicable for the 6.1L options)

DIY Installation Kit:

$495.00 (fluid catch cans, tools, gaskets, bolts, DIY Instructional DVD, etc.)

A small $300 deposit will be charged at the time of order, the balance charged at time of ship.

Call for order shipping times, which will vary depending upon discount pricing participation online and at the Mopar Nationals
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I have these babies on my sweet Val and she really perked up in the upper mid and beyond RPM range!
The swap was made a LOT easier with the install kit too!
The upgrades are worth it but because I dont have headers and I rarely hold the RPMS very high for ANY length of time, I skipped the new springs and big valves. I rarely get to drag her!
NOW then, When I get my headers, I am going to swap out for the big valves and springs. once of the reasons is that it is SO much easier to put the headers on the head and then install the head rather than putting the headers on with the heads attached.

I was planning to take them back off anyway for the swapout. I am seriously thinking about going to the SRT8 intake and heads when I gets them headers!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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