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Figured I'd kick this here,

So my buddy is replacing his stock exhaust off his 15' Hellcat. He had surgery on his arm a few weeks ago, and had already ordered it before hand, and like the awesome friend I am, offered to help him install the new set due to his handicap.

Im almost certain the active exhaust/simulators aren't compatible with the 300 (if there's a mod that would make them so, could someone link me?). I also can't find any references with anyone doing this on a current generation 300c, but some references to the R/T, so I figured I'd throw this here and see what some of you folks say.

Outside of the active exhaust.... How much of this would drop in without me upgrading my headers and buying a Diablo?? Would these act like freeflows? I'm not opposed to upgrading the headers and tuning..but that would have to wait for the moment I mileage out or hit my warranty... So if I dropped these in now, given that it's compatible, I'm assuming a good set of headers partnered with a cam and tune would pair well with these pipes?

Also, wouldn't mind the rumble. Obviously this is not gonna sound anything like a hellcat, but it's free parts, and if I can get a freer-flowing engine from what I'm assuming is larger diameter piping down the line with more grumble for free, I'm all over it.


Ive got access to stock exhaust from a 2015 Hellcat.. should I use it? And how much can I use of it on my 18' 300c 5.7

Thanks for your help guys, and Merry Christmas

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