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Alright, I've done some research on here, and I THINK I know what's wrong with the car, but I'll let the experts decide.
Here's some of the backstory:
Bought the car a month or 2 ago, with no noises up front. The front brakes were pulsing when stopping, so I had the rotors ground, and lightly sanded and greased the pads that were on it....they had PLENTY of life left. Instead of a jack stand, I used 5 or 6 slats of plastic decking material stacked up that I had laying around. I placed the boards right below the lower ball joint nut just behind the rotor. It was clear from all other components. All seemed good after finishing up the brakes.
A day or so later, I heard a groaning sound coming from the left side of the front end. The groaning is most noticeable while coasting at slow speeds, but it's there at all speeds...just quieter. If I give the car gas, put on the brakes, or do some aggressive turns, the noise decreases dramatically. I took a few videos of what it sounds like, but I don't have enough posts to put videos on here yet...
I appreciate any and all suggestions I get.

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Sure sounds like a wheel bearing to me also. My last Mazda started making a grinding noise one morning going to work, I turned around and went home, the wheel fell off as I drove into my driveway!
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