Mileage:110000 M
Very sentimental car to me... but I haven't used it for a couple of years and have no time, energy, or need to get it inspected and back on the road. Mostly cause I can't figure out how to make the dang parking brake work. I replaced every dang part, brakes, cables, etc., and still not good. So I can't pass state inspection. Don't have time to play with it. Done.
110K miles. It was my daily driver in Chicago and for a couple of years in Boston.
Does it start every. single. time? Yes. Is transmission still sweet as it was the day I got it? Yes. Do I take her out regularly to "exercise" around the neighborhood? Yes.
Everything else is 110K car. Are there scratches? Yes. Are there dings? Yes. Are those aftermarket rims still shiny? Nope.

I have moved on to EV and hybrid world, and I don't even have time to wash my cars, so I am letting Maggie go to someone who will take care of her.

Bring a trailer. No inspection, so I am not letting you drive away with it and get a ticket. I am sure the tires are likely no longer good. Yes, I have OEMs with winter tires for it too. You can have them. Want stock cats? Yep got those.

Here is the picture of her last time I washed her. Too cold outside to wash her again for new pictures.

Please EMAIL me at apsinkus (youknow what goes here) Do _NOT DM here.