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  1. At the Dragstrip
    An old friend's son purchased a hellcat and wants to drag race it. I think he is starting from zero knowledge. Anyone from Texas please send me info on tracks, clubs, or folks who would like to help a newbee in that area. thanks, CK
  2. Want to Buy
    I'll take one for either side cargo pocket, possibly the pair, with or without speakers, with or without amp. I'm normally in SoCal, but will be in Texas through the New Year, so either locale is ideal for pickup as boxes are awkward to ship Thanks in advance
  3. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    I have noticed that my AC circulation button is always turned off since the weather temp has changed. It still is warm in Texas around 70 degrees when I leave work. Anyway to permanently have it stay on?
  4. Newbie Check-In
    What's up everybody newb to the forum. I'm from South Texas I have a 18 SP destroyer grey i just purchased. Wanted to join a forum with fellow SP owners.
  5. Newbie Check-In
    Hey everyone, just signed up. Drive a 17 SP Charger. Live in the Houston, Texas area but originally from Philadelphia
  6. Newbie Check-In
    Hello Everbody, new guy from Texas Just bought My Charger Scatpack this past saturday, New to the whole sports/muscle car scene as I always been a truck guy, fell in love with the 392 Chargers and finally got my own... Bone stock 392 of course. Primarily a family car but would like to add some...
  7. Modern Mopar News and Announcements
    EDITOR NOTE: Dodge, Ram and FCA are lending a hand in the recovery down south. Every little bit helps. ROAD TO RECOVERY Dodge is committed to helping the people of Texas and Louisiana get back on their feet and back to work. If you have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, you may be...
  8. Want to Buy
    Lookin for a TommyZ hood for my Magnum. The closer to Texas the better.
  9. Newbie Check-In
    Just a quick "hello" from Wylie, Texas. I recently purchased a 2017 Challenger Hellcat. Yellowjacket with carbon fiber stripes. Before that, I had a 2015 Scat Pack Challenger, and a 2011 SRT8 Challenger before that. My wife says it's my last "hurrah" before I have to get a Prius. We'll see...
  10. Newbie Check-In
    I'm new to the forums but I've been reading them ever since I got my 05 Magnum RT in 2009, I hope everyone here can help with all the mods I've been dreaming about! Some of the things I've done so far have been adding 2 10" pioneer subwoofers rated at 3k watts each :) and offroad lights...
  11. The Gas Tank (93 Octane)
    If you pray, or think nicely, or wish luck, send some this way please. Things are getting pretty messy down here. We've got two fires North of Houston, it was pretty erie driving to work this morning and seeing/smelling the smoke, but the fire being 30+ miles away. These fires are nothing...
  12. Newbie Check-In
    Hello, New Mag owner from DFW. I love the dodge style. I previously had a 4.7 liter Dodge Durango. I have always had my eye on the Magnum's and now I am a proud owner of a 2007 Stone White Mag. This site is great for just about any question I have about the Magnums or when I want to see some...
  13. California
    I'm moving out to san diego Dec 5, I need some dates on future meets, greets, cruises, events, etc froom december on thru whenever..I'm trying to jump into the mopar scene out there, can someone please help me out??
1-13 of 14 Results