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  1. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    I’m looking to swap a VVT Eagle Engine into my 2006 Chrysler 300C. My engine is trash and the car has just been sitting for a while and it’s time to put a motor in. If I wanted to put an Eagle Motor in what additional parts would be needed to make the car start? If I don’t do the Eagle swap I...
  2. Tuning and Performance Programming
    Completed the hemi swap on my 2010 challenger se. Runs great, no check engine light etc. It was a 5 speed car already and I swapped to a 5.7 abs module as I know they can't be tuned. But I did read a 3.5 tcm can be made to work with the 5.7. Does anyone know what I need to do? I did keep...
  3. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    Is this doable? Here's the situation. A banged up my 06 R/T... The fender and door are replacable, but the rear quarter panel isn't, so a buddy knew a guy with a Magnum "Just like mine," and it was gonna be like 3 bills. So I agree, 'cause having a parts car would be great to start getting...
  4. 300C, Magnum RT & Charger RT (5.7L V8)
    So I have been creating a list of a "budget" 392 for my 2007 300c SRT Design. Here's my thoughts; 6.4 Truck motor, swap in the cam from a SRT 392 motor, use a 6.1 intake fuel rails and injectors, full length headers into a fairly quiet exhaust with electric cut outs. All other external parts...
  5. Automotive Electronics (Audio & Video)
    Good day, all!! Does anyone know if it's possible to swap the alternator case from a 2006 5.7 Hemi Ram to a 2006 car 5.7? Have the opportunity to purchase a HO Ram alternator, and need to know if this is possible. Edit: It's a Mechman if that makes a difference. Thanks!!
  6. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    Hey everyone, we picked up a bare bones 06 SE with a blown 2.7l for $500. Planning on making a Lemons race car out of it for now, and maybe add some Hemi power down the road and do some other types of racing with it once its caged and had our fun with the lemons races. I've always been a Wagon...
  7. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    Currently have a 2018 R/T and considering adding a custom tune and pcm swap to allow tuning. How many of you have done this while being in California, and have any of you had any experience with the new emissions procedure here in CA with the unlocked PCM? Trying to determine if when the tune is...
  8. Newbie Check-In
    Hi all!!! I'm new here. I've made some research about 6.4 srt engine for a swap, I came across the lxforums, so here I am!!!! Ps: sorry for my english
  9. The Gas Tank (93 Octane)
    Tesla small block V8 Swap
  10. Northwest Region
    Looking for recommendations on a good shop in the PNW to do an engine swap on my '05 Magnum RT - my other plans fell through, and I'd like to get my ride back on the road. A shop in the greater Seattle area is preferred (eastside, ideally... :)), but I can trailer it anywhere in the PNW if...
  11. General LX Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    I have a 12 300c is their any way to swap out my gauge cluster for a 15+? Thanks, Matt
  12. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    Just curious if this can be done and what all would need changed other than programming the vin # and the engine wiring part of it. Would the pcm work with the skim, tcm, rest of the harness, etc? I have a 2012 5.7 I plan to swap into my 2010 challenger se, but having some issues with the cam...
  13. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    I have looked all over and have had no luck find a pinout diagram for a 2010 challenger. I can find the 08 and earlier style, but not 09-10. I need to know if the 7 and 8 coil and injector are at the same spot as the earlier ones. I have no mds but it is a vvt engine, is there wiring specific...
    This company offers turn key hellcat setups . Has anyone worked with them ? Was going to use them for hellcat swap into our 05 magnum
  15. Charger Discussion (1st Gen - 2006 to 2010)
    Hello everyone. I did the 6.1 in an RT swap last summer it's been great! Here the issue I'm in upstate NY annual inspection came up and I'm in trouble. So when I did the swap I reached out to a very well known tuner who said he could install a srt8 tune to my pcm so I mailed it to him and a few...
  16. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    Found a mint 08' V6 car RWD. How difficult would it be to swap in a late model Hemi ?
  17. 300 General Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 + )
    I have a 2018 300 Limited with the 276 watt Alpine system. I thought I heard that you can swap that amplifier for the 550 watt Beats amp or the 900 watt HK amp, Is this possible and what difference would there be and is it plug and play? Appreciate your thoughts.
  18. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    I wanted to find a quick and cheap mod, I saw this and just figured what the hell it's only $24. After doing it I'm impressed with the light output, it's almost too bright! Nice part is the color of the light is white so it matches the DRLs better. If you have the LED side markers it also...
  19. Newbie Check-In
    I have a 2005 magnum 2.7 previously had a 08 dodge charger ppv 3.5 im loooking to swap everything from charger in to the magnum but im stuck on transmission swap i have the 42rle and want to install the nag1 i have in charger need help thou anyone please...
1-20 of 180 Results