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  1. Charger Discussion (1st Gen - 2006 to 2010)
    I Have A Stock 6.1 Block That Im Trying To Build Into A Fully Forged 426 Stroker Kit, Ported Heads, Stage 4 Cam, Steel Top Rings, Upgraded Bolts , Coated Bearings, Bored .25 Over With A Hellcat Supercharger my question is Can I Keep The Stock 10:1 Compression Ratio Or Do I Need To Be At A 9, and...
  2. 300 General Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    I’m looking into getting another 300, there’s one for sale in the next town over a 2012 300c with 157,000 km on the body and a dealer install 5.7 with about 10,000 km and 2 year 65,000 km warranty. Asking $16,000. Or there are 2 300 srt half way across the country that I was looking at before...
  3. Vehicles for Sale
    2007 SRT/DESIGN Hemi , runs strong . Lots of mod,. Listed in pic . 119k miles. No trades
    $11,000 USD
  4. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I recently purchased a 2012 Chrysler 300 srt (with approx. 60k miles) and I was wondering what else I need to upgrade when I swap my cams. I don't really care for making a lot of horsepower or adding a lot of lope to the exhaust note (some...
  5. Parts for Sale
    Looking for rear knuckles/mounting plates with hubs to convert an rt magnum to brembo brakes. Thanks
  6. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    So been thinking on this. On my 2011 Pursuit, The oil cooler appears to feed off the bottom hose, into the cooler, and then dumps out after the T-stat in the hose neck. On SRT models 12+ It appears they have that T-stat neck hose plumbed into the bleeder port on the waterpump. Any one have...
  7. Want to Buy
    Looking for good condition SRT Magnum springs, will likely need shipped as I'm Hamilton, Ontario area. Thanks
  8. Parts for Sale
    SOLD - Front and rear seats 2007 Magnum SRT - Chrysler 300 - Charger I removed the stock SRT leather seats from the Magnum when I turned it into a full time race car, the seats were in the car for 60,000 miles. The seats are in very good shape and the motors work fine. I'm moving from Cali to...
  9. 300C, Magnum RT & Charger RT (5.7L V8)
    So I have been creating a list of a "budget" 392 for my 2007 300c SRT Design. Here's my thoughts; 6.4 Truck motor, swap in the cam from a SRT 392 motor, use a 6.1 intake fuel rails and injectors, full length headers into a fairly quiet exhaust with electric cut outs. All other external parts...
  10. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    We recently got some rain here in usually sunny SoCal and when I went into the back of my 06 SRT Magnum that I got last year, noticed a good sized pool of water in the tire well. I didn't see any evidence of where it came in so I'm curious, does anyone have any suggestions on where to look? It...
  11. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    I had to remove my Tazer as I had to have the radio upgraded as it wouldn't take the manual update. That was a few months ago.... yea I know I should have reinstalled it after the upgrade. But, I procrastinate a lot. But, I loaded up the latest Tazer update and reinstalled it. After the marry...
  12. Parts for Sale
    Need a replacement rear bumper for my 2007 dodge charger if anyone out there in Socal area has something.
  13. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    I installed a Pedal Roar on my 2015 Charger SRT 392. It makes car crazy responsive. Love it.
  14. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    just got Borla cat backs put on my 07 magnum and wanna sell my almost like new used stock 07 MSRT8 catbacks with 27k miles on em. Any opinions on what I should ask would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Newbie Check-In
    Hey all, new at posting but been following the forum for years, probably since I got my 2005 Grand Cherokee Hemi. I'm summer driving a 96 Z28 with the LT1, cause I had to go back to my roots where I had a 94 Z28 and 97 SS when I was younger. I've always loved the LX cars and finally found a...
  16. Misc LX Mods
    What are the differences between the two and can the non SRT knuckles be modified to accept the Brembo calipers? Are the caliper brackets different?
  17. DiabloSport Inc
    We've released support for the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX and Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat models. Gains of 38 RWHP on 93 octane fuel are available, with a solid 3 tenths reduction in 0-60 times on a stock TRX. Legit performance :) Ram 1500 TRX and Durango SRT Hellcat Now Supported! Support is available...
  18. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    have a 06 srt 300 i bought it not knowing any history .diablo tuned. 91 canned tune it had long tubes installed and no cats. (engine light on) so i put new universal cats and all 4 o2's new. engine light goes off. comes back on after 100 miles p0032 and p0052 o2 issues. hmmm...
  19. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a full brembo set for my 2005 magnum rt. I need the spindles with the calipers. Thanks
  20. Newbie Check-In
    Thanks for the add. Just purchased a 2018 challenger srt 392 scat pack shaker
1-20 of 500 Results