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  1. Challenger Discussion (2015 + )
    Not sure if I am posting this in the right area... I have always been a big DIY’er. I do my own car maintinence, 4 Wheeler maintinence and I have done much of the remodel on my current home. That being said I also have a healthy respect for sourcing out jobs beyond my skill. I have had my...
  2. Southeast Region
    I need to improve my photography game so Im looking for cars to shoot in my area. If youre in the Lee County area or if youre in Collier or Charlotte County and you are willing to drive to Lee County send me a reply or PM. Its all free, this will be an exercise and skill improvement thing...
  3. Tires, Wheels and Suspension
    Any recommendations on shops or people to install bc coilovers on my 2nd gen ? Any help will be Great. Pretty handy myself but might think this one would be out of my skill range. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results