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  1. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    My P Zero's did last 20k but the Hankook's only lasted about 33k. I replaced them with some Yokohama's as that is what I am running on my 08 Corvette. I was really surprised me is when I remove the tires to clear the weights of an clean the backside of the rim. The tires were obviously running...
  2. Parts for Sale
    Looking for rear knuckles/mounting plates with hubs to convert an rt magnum to brembo brakes. Thanks
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking for a complete rear cradle assembly for 2015 or newer, would prefer scat pak or SRT8 but would consider Hellcat also, just because of gear ratio in the other 2 would be lower then the Hellcat.
  4. Want to Buy
    MSRT8 rear bumper closeout panel P/N : 5030051AA or 5030051AB Rear SRT8 knuckles 06-10 Thanks
  5. Tires, Wheels and Suspension
    Across platforms. How many vehicles use this rear caliper? Looking for two to get powder coated for my 300.
  6. Parts for Sale
    Need a replacement rear bumper for my 2007 dodge charger if anyone out there in Socal area has something.
  7. 300 General Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    Gentlemen, I have ordered the following parts: 1. Eibach anti-roll front sway bar Part# 2895.31 (35mm) 2. Eibach (pro kit) Springs Part# 28101-140 (less drop than sport line) from Summit Racing for their reasonable international shipping rates ($350) Preparing for the install, I am reading...
  8. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    Just wondering if anyone has tried swapping/modding a charger rear bumper onto a mag? I've seen a lot of front end conversions but all with almost stock rears, I see the have a 05 hellcat style rear bumper for the charger but idk just throwing it out there.
  9. Transmissions Gears & Diffs
    All what is the difference between the two do i want lock up or non -mostly street weekend 1/4 burns 426 gen 3 3.09 rear gear 4000 stall high rpm cam? thanks for info in advance good day
  10. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    Would like to do this swap on my '09 Pursuit. It looks like many of the junked Police Chargers in my area are AWD. So will all, or any of the AWD parts fit my RWD car? I'm assuming the rear might be the same, what about the front? Thanks for those who've been through this!
  11. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    Have an oval black "thing" located just forward of the rear hatch, above the rear most passenger side window, on our 2007 R/T Magnum. Our 2005 R/T Magnum does not have it. Looks like maybe a light, and it has a switch on the hatch side, but the switch does not appear to do "anything"... If a...
  12. 300 General Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    Gentlemen, Creaking sound starts at 5-7 mph, 2-4 creaks on take off in D and R. It's getting louder and more frequent at a higher speed 20-25 mph. Sounds like wood creaking on an old boat or wooden floor. It does NOT sound dull as in front end clunking metal. it creaks as an after math of...
  13. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    Posting for a friend not on forums, higher mileage (150k+) 2006 6.1 leaking oil badly at rear of engine in an area that implies rear main seal, but want to hear others ideas about where it could be coming from. It's running back on crossmember and trans pan, splattering a little on the cat's...
  14. Tires, Wheels and Suspension
    I have 2008 300c and replaced all the rear control arms with adjustable ones with poly bushings and went to get it aligned and was there 6hrs. Everytime they drove it it would knock the front back out of alignment. 3 different master techs tried it 5 times and everytime the same thing happened...
  15. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    I have the jegs 30426 kit installed. It is loud, just not loud enough. Would you think the effects or straight tubing the mids or rear glasspacks would do for sound? 2010 charger 5.7
  16. Want to Buy
    Hello, Looking for rear kicker sub amp and harness for Challenger...
  17. Transmissions Gears & Diffs
    Got -05 Magnum R/T AWD with 198mm 3.07 ratio rear end. I want limited slip rear end. Was thinking this. Ebay has few decent priced Challenger 230mm 3.07 ratio limited rear ends with limited slip. Those would match front 3.07 ratio. Any1 done this swap? What is needed? Cradle, driveshaft...
  18. Tires, Wheels and Suspension
    I have a set of AFCO rear coilovers on my 06 Charger and was searching for info if they would fit the rear of my 19 TA 392
  19. 300 General Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    To the experts on suspension: The topic: We all so familiar with the piles of parts replaced "too often" on front suspension. I wonder what it takes to modify the 300s suspension? 1. Better quality parts than stock. 2. Better handling, solid ride on cornering etc. 3. Wider rear tires? The...
  20. Newbie Check-In
    Hello. Did buy this car at september 2020. Car was stock. Now it has Diablo i3 93 tune. K&N CAI. TranZformer. Suitcase delete. Tinted lights with HIDs. Morimoto fog lights. Coming mods. KW coil over set. Police rear brakes. Danko front lip. KNG 2015-> Charger rear diffuser. Trufiber A23 hood...
1-20 of 382 Results