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  1. Parts for Sale
    16 brand new ngk iridium spark plugs. part # 2315 LZTR6A1X-13. Located in Easton,PA 18045. will ship prefer local pickup and payment by cash or paypal. PM me here or email [email protected]
    $140 USD
  2. Parts for Sale
    Like the title says, looking for hellcat nitrous parts, 105/108tb, 15” conversion and 15” wheels
  3. High Horse Performance, Inc.
    Our 4th of July sale is live! There's no coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen at HHPRacing.com ! Save big on brands like AEM, AFE, American Racing Headers, ATI, Autometer, BBK, BC Racing, BMR, BWoody, Diablosport, Driveshaft Shop...
  4. High Horse Performance, Inc.
    This 1159whp Trackhawk Is Track Ready! Jesus' Trackhawk is equipped with our HHP/BES 426 Hellcat/Trackhawk stroker, ported heads, and custom grind cam, 4.5L Whipple, SHR War Viking Trans, and Nitrous Outlet nitrous kit, all Diablosport CMR tuned in house by Joshua Schwartz. This will be one to...
  5. Challenger Discussion (2015 + )
    Hey Ladies and Gents. Looking to do a 100 shot on my 392 Challenger. Tired of having no ability to compete in a roll race and would like to pick up a little accel in 1/8th. Any suggestions , comments , concerns. Im currently running a edelbrock victor intake manifold , BBK 90 MM throttle body...
  6. 300C, Magnum RT & Charger RT (5.7L V8)
    I've been running the stock pre-eagle intake on my car as long as I've had it. The problem is I needed more power, and to be more specific, because I use an awful amount of nitrous, I needed something that would help me build more power into the future, and take some abuse. I...
  7. High Horse Performance, Inc.
    Have a 105mm throttle body and wanting to add nitrous? or have nitrous and want to run a 105mm throttle body? We now have the perfect solution for the perfect combination - Say hello to the Nitrous Outlet 105mm plate kit! Nitrous Outlet Mopar 105mm 6.2L HEMI Nitrous Plate Conversion - 00-43008...
  8. 300C, Magnum RT & Charger RT (5.7L V8)
    I’m currently rebuilding my 5.7 Hemi bottom end with stock crank, rods, and pistons, although it has clevite P bearings and the rings will be gapped for a small shot of nitrous. The top end will be ‘13 eagle heads with a big custom ground Hughes engines camshaft, and a Ritter racing drag pack...
  9. Nitrous
    I've gone through 1000s of pounds of nitrous in the past, all shoved down the throat of an LS motor. Whether it was the LS1 or LS6 manifold, there were no real concerns with distribution or puddling when spraying a wet shot. Now that I am thinking about doing this on my 392, this intake has me...
  10. Want to Buy
    Looking for an underhood stand alone fuel system for 06-10 LX. Prefer Nitrous Outlet system but will consider anyting at the right price. PM me with what you got.
  11. Parts for Sale
    Looking to buy the following parts asap for 2015+ 392.Dampened Single Piece DriveshaftDriveshaft safety loop for A8Longtube headers with catless mids (1 7/8 or 2in primaries and o2 extentions)Racestar darkstar 18x5 front runners (with tires of possible)Rear Diff BraceComplete nitrous kitPorted...
  12. Southeast Region
    Hello everyone,Due to time constraints I am looking for a shop to do my nitrous install. Any suggestions in the Miami / Ft Lauderdale area?
  13. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    Looking at nitrous express and nitrous outlet plate systems so far, looking for input on these and others. Basicly looking for reliabilty and performance gains from people who have used them
  14. Canada Corner
    I have a complete ZEX Nitrous kit here for Hemi cars. I used this kit in my Magnum for a few years then sold the car. It’s beennditting in a box since. Here’s what’s incl Zex controller all stainless lines needed bottle and brackets bottle warmer jets Zex purge solenoid ashtray switch panel...
  15. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    Hey guys I have a 09 challenger with the good ol 6.1 and I have a nitrous outlet plate jetted at a 150 shot, anyways my question is that I'm running a msd window switch to from 3k to 6k. Now I know that's a good window as I useto have a 300c srt8 with a 100 shot and never had an issue, but I was...
  16. 300C, Magnum RT & Charger RT (5.7L V8)
    Anyone know the size for the throttle body bolts on an 06 RT? Im taking off my nitrous plate and I lost the original bolts.
  17. Parts for Sale
    I am parting out my car. [emoji20] Here are the items I have up for sale. Items are still in the car, but should be out within the next week or two. Smaller items can be out sooner. ***Sold***PWR 6.1 based 426 Complete Motor built for nitrous (completely went over by Dave Weber prior to...
  18. Nitrous
    Thought Nitrous Outlet was a vendor but I'm not seeing it on the list. Do we get a discount with them?
  19. Great Lakes Region
    Anybody know where I can find some? I hear its hard to find and expensive, after a nitrous plant in Florida blew up.
  20. Power Adders
    I've talked to two shops one said to spray through the shift, the other suggested a progressive controller to switch off nitrous during the shift. Which is the better option?
1-20 of 65 Results