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  1. Parts for Sale
    I have been looking for a 6.1 intake manifold with fuel rails and a map sensor. Complete and ready to go. I am located in south Florida. Anyone selling one please contact me.
  2. Want to Buy
    Anybody out there have a 6.4 manifold for sale?
  3. 300C, Magnum RT & Charger RT (5.7L V8)
    Wondering if anyone is able to help me out here. Just put a new cam in and when I went to start the car would crank but it won't start. Eventually it blew up the air filter and is blowing smoke out of the intake manifold. Does anyone know where to start with this?
  4. Superchargers
    This has probably been discussed before but I figured I would see if anyone has any insight. I have had a nagging oil leak on my 6.1 the past couple of years and honestly I originally thought it was the rear seal so I was just living with it. I dont drive the car a ton so it's been more of just...
  5. Parts for Sale
    looking for a pair of stock exhaust manifolds and midpipes for a 6.2 or 6.4. Did you upgrade to headers and just have them sitting around, if so I;ll buy them.
  6. 300C, Magnum RT & Charger RT (5.7L V8)
    Hey guys! I've been really interested in doing this mod lately. I do have a question that I couldn't find an answer for. Can I use any 392 intake manifold? Does it have to come from a challenger/charger or can I use one from a Durango/Jeep?
  7. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    So I am trying to explore my options for an intake manifold on my engine. It's a 5.7 with a cam, ported big valve pre eagle heads, long tubes. I was thinking porting my early intake or a later model with adapters. Holley just came out with new adapter that is 1 inch thick. Open for suggestions...
  8. Parts for Sale
    Looking to purchase a intake manifold from a 392. Thank You
  9. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a 392 intake manifold for my 13 Charger R/T
  10. Parts for Sale
    As the title says, I am looking for a stock pre-eagle intake manifold. Engine dropped a valve seat so I don't want to use the old one.
  11. General LX Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015+)
    I'm sure this is the 10,000th thread on this subject, but I saw there was a complete manifold available near me on facebook marketplace. What are you guys typically paying for these? The subject item is the manifold with fuel rail, injectors, sensors, no throttle body. The seller is asking...
  12. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    Hey guys, I’m getting a lot of oil in the intake manifold and it’s covered the pcv valve. I just got the heads redone, and put everything back together. The manifold looked good before we put it back on. Am I missing something? Did we do something g wrong? What can I check? Thanks in advance.
  13. 300 General Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    Hello everyone. Happy holidays! Driving to work a few weeks ago, I noticed my temp gauge on my dashboard was all over the place. I got home and I noticed the leak. I did start the car and turn on the heater and noticed it was leaking from the indicated area. It's not a hose, it's a solid tube...
  14. Parts for Sale
    Let me know what throttle body you have and price please. Also looking for a 6.1 Intake Manifold in any condition, even if the fuel rail stands are broken
  15. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    I did a search and couldn't find anyone mentioning this manifold. Up until right now I didn't even know it existed. Does anyone on here have any first hand experience with this? I was planning on making one but the Holley price is pretty good. Holley Sniper 837251 - Free Shipping on Orders...
  16. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Just like the title says. I've been looking everywhere online and can not find an answer. :banghead: I thought I've seen someone say in the 30's (psi) but I could be wrong. Any who, if anyone knows please chime in. Ill be calling them next week, just hoping to get the info before I call them...
  17. General LX Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015+)
    Need some help and I'll try to keep this short. I have a 2017 R/T and Ive done the 6.4 intake manifold swap. Did the MDS wiring from info on this sight and others. The motor for the active runner with it facing you turns clockwise but the Screw that turn the runners inside the manifold turns...
  18. 300C, Magnum RT & Charger RT (5.7L V8)
    The bolts come loose, and I mean completely loose from the Block, but I can't remove the bolt from the Intake Manifold. It's as if there is some sort of "retainer" on the underside of the Intake Manifold keeping it attached so I can't lift them out. What gives???
  19. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    I know this is widely talked about, but I couldn’t find any specifics to my issue. Doing a heads/cam inertia package and decided to add 6.1 exhaust manifolds and mids while I was already there. The passenger side exhaust manifold clam shell keeps on hitting the block right by the starter, and is...
  20. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    By any chance does anyone here have a computer file for the 6.4 intake manifold flanges? Stage 6 is out of flanges for the DIY intake mani’s. If someone has a 3D model I can just cut some at work. Trying to avoid removing mani from my 6.4 to measure it up so there’s less downtime. Thanks.
1-20 of 90 Results