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  1. Newbie Check-In
    New member from Kansas City KS. I have a 2016 go mango scat. F’ing love it. Previously I had a 2007 SRT and this drives circles around it. Eager to see all the mods available and advice on what to do. Personal: I’m 31 married with 2 kids. Nothing says muscle car like 2 car seats in the back. I’m...
  2. Newbie Check-In
    New from Kansas, not new to Challengers! I've had 2 previous Challengers, both V6 cars. They are great cars, really enjoyed them, but my current Challenger, Sublime Green Scatpack....WOW, what a great car!:rock:
  3. Great Lakes Region
    I live in Kansas City. Our city is half Missouri and half Kansas. The two states are in different regions on lxforums. This makes it dificult to keep track of regional activities for all of us in KC. Is there anyway to change this? SAX911 - Kansas City, MO:boohoo:
1-3 of 3 Results