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  1. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    There is some good deals on Hellcat Air Intakes locally on facebook market place. Would this fit my Pre-Eagle Hemi? I know the gain is probably small but for $100 I cant really complain lol.
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for a complete rear cradle assembly for 2015 or newer, would prefer scat pak or SRT8 but would consider Hellcat also, just because of gear ratio in the other 2 would be lower then the Hellcat.
  3. Challenger Hellcat (2015 + )
    Been sometime since I've posted. I sold my 2006 Charger R/T 6 years ago as I needed a truck more than a car that sat idle. It was far from stock and I really missed it. Thanksgiving week I fell into a deal and that Fri brought home a 2021 Challenger Hellcat Redeye. I am loving it.
  4. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    I had to remove my Tazer as I had to have the radio upgraded as it wouldn't take the manual update. That was a few months ago.... yea I know I should have reinstalled it after the upgrade. But, I procrastinate a lot. But, I loaded up the latest Tazer update and reinstalled it. After the marry...
  5. General LX Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015+)
    Just read this morning that Dodge will hire someone for a year as "Chief Donut Maker" and will pay them $150,000 for a year to drive a Hellcat, and be a brand ambassador for the brand at select events scheduled around their day job. Hell yeah - sign me up! More details about how to apply are to...
  6. Want to Buy
    WTB : OEM Charger Hellcat cat back exhaust. Let me know what you get, where you're at and what you're asking. Can travel for the right price.
  7. DiabloSport Inc
    We've released support for the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX and Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat models. Gains of 38 RWHP on 93 octane fuel are available, with a solid 3 tenths reduction in 0-60 times on a stock TRX. Legit performance :) Ram 1500 TRX and Durango SRT Hellcat Now Supported! Support is available...
  8. DiabloSport Inc
    We are seeking a local (CFL) Durango Hellcat for some dyno testing. We'll baseline it, load the tune, run it again, and give it back :) We'll need it at the office for a full day or 2. In return, we'll tune the truck for you and set you up with the tuner, etc. We have loaners available if...
  9. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    Just wondering if anyone has tried swapping/modding a charger rear bumper onto a mag? I've seen a lot of front end conversions but all with almost stock rears, I see the have a 05 hellcat style rear bumper for the charger but idk just throwing it out there.
  10. Superchargers
    Introduction: Firstly, welcome to my supercharger build thread! To give some context on my car and this project, I will give some brief history. I have been doing some light wrench turning for about 5 years. About four years ago I purchased my 2006 300c SRT8 with about 107k on the odometer...
  11. DiabloSport Inc
    We attended RoadKill nights last weekend and it was a blast! We worked with the Throtl team in the Hellcat Challenge but there was no getting that car to hook with all the power it was making on Woodward ave. Heres a little wrap up we put together of some of the action, enjoy!
  12. At the Dragstrip
    New Record! Check out the story here.... Dodge Durango Hellcat in the 10s:rock: Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat Runs Consistent 10.0s
  13. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    Does anyone happen to know if the chrome fuels rails from the 06 era 6.1l SRT8s fit on the 6.2l Hellcat motor? The injectors will be changed to an aftermarket set, so I know they fit in the 6.1l rails or the 6.2l rails. When I search the aftermarket options most of the rail kits are universal...
  14. Charger Hellcat (2015 +)
    Hi there folks! I was fortunate enough to be able to snag a 21 Charger Hellcat WB last week and would like to know if there are any car clubs in the Northern Delaware area that is for Hellcat owners. Have a great day Hellions!
  15. Newbie Check-In
    Greetings all! Thanks for the authorization! I reside in Newark Delaware and would like to know if there are any Hellcat clubs to join and possible get an insurance discount while a member. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Steve Sr
  16. Newbie Check-In
    I’m the FNG… Here and at a new career with Bell County Sheriff’s. After 20 years and looking at the direction DOD looks to be going, I figured it was definitely time to retire and hang up all my FO gear. Anywho, I also decided to get myself something fun: A 2021 Frostbite Charger RT Blacktop...
    Sorry for the lengthy post, but having gone through two projects with NS, and spending 10s of thousands of dollars, I would like to share a few of the highlights of of my experiences with them in the hopes that it will help potential customers make a more informed decision about using National...
    This company offers turn key hellcat setups . Has anyone worked with them ? Was going to use them for hellcat swap into our 05 magnum
  19. Newbie Check-In
    I’m new to the LX forum but not new to Mopar. I Currently have a track pack ‘09 Stone White Challenger R/T 6sp that I’m in the process of doing a ‘15 up front end and rear bumper cover and valance and then a procharger. I also own an ‘11 Charger PPV 5.7 Hemi RWD that is getting a 392 Scat Pack...
  20. Tires, Wheels and Suspension
    Okay.. time for brake pads for my Brembos. I have been running StopTech Sport pads for a while but curious to other choices. These do not dust that bad and I know I will have to live with some dust for the pad to work well. They seem to stop pretty good and not show a lot of loss on heat. No...
1-20 of 500 Results