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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking for something to put on my MSRT8. Its a forged 413 with 8.5:1 compression. Whats for sale?
  2. 300 General Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    So I got word back from the shop the crank and block are both ok after the big drink of water. Due to the shortage of parts I'm limited on what's available to get the engine back in operation. Not looking for anything more than a forged bottom end (makes no sense to go anything less) with a...
  3. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    Best way to get 426 forged cubes from a 6.1 block for use with a supercharger. See lots of options. eagle, molnar,callies, mahle. Who has built their own with out buying a crate shortblock or is that the way to go?
  4. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    Hi all I'm looking for touch up for my wheels, I have some stone chips on them. I don't know what color to use, I have a 2016 scat with hyper black forged wheels. If someone could help would be appreciate. Thanks in advance
  5. Parts for Sale
    Forged short block or long block or complete engine Found something Looking for a forged NA type engine. I am open to just about anything not looking for anything boosted prefer 10.1+ comp and none VVT. Open to everything let me know what you have.
  6. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    I am sorry for a stupid question. I have dynamics package with plus group on my 2019 and this is how they describe wheels: Dynamics Package $2,200 20-Inch x 9.5-Inch Low-Gloss Black Forged Wheels275/40ZR20 All-Season Performance Tires I am looking for various products for wheels and some are...
  7. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    so I am going to remove my wheels soon to install powerstops and wonder if I should wax my wheels for good. Is there any special wax for wheels you guys use? is it even safe with our black forged wheels? Also saw on amazon some quartz coating kits with mixed reviews. The manual states to use...
  8. Vossen Wheels
    The HF6-1 is Vossen's first Hybrid Forged 6-lug design, expanding the HF Series' reach to the truck and SUV market. Utilizing the same Hybrid Forged process as the rest of the series, the HF6-1 is available in 5 standard transparent finishes and 9 custom finishes. Starting at $599 per wheel •...
  9. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Hey guys, I recently purchased Forged internals and forged crank for my 5.7. I’d like to go forward with this build and try to finish it by May. I need some help. I have forged pistons, rods, and crank. I’d like to know what all is needed? Also are any of you forged 5.7 guys on stock cam? Any...
  10. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    When building a forged 5.7, can it be built with a CR above 11? 12 or 12.5? I asking if there are piston and head combos available to do that when building a forged 5.7
  11. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Hey guys, I’ve came a long way this year. I started off with just headers and a 93 tune and worked my way up to a Procharger kit on my 2015 charger r/t. I then upgraded my crappy 2.62s to 3.09 gears. My next step is to upgrade my pistons, rods and crank and turn up the boost a little with e85...
  12. Vossen Wheels
    Nice to see American made forged aluminum wheels in so many flavors. Would like a "stealth" upgrade for Hellcat that will allow snapping the SRT cap back in. Need to fit a 315/35-20 rear, oem 275/40-20 front, and can take the lateral G's of road course use with track day (possibly slick)...
  13. Parts for Sale
    This is a long shot but is anyone parting or selling their forged motor outright (pre eagle only)? Getting ready to build one but checking here first.
  14. Challenger Hellcat (2015 + )
    Dodge Challenger Hellcat x Vossen Forged GNS-1 Wheels Here is a photogallery of a nice dark grey Hellcat on our new Vossen Forged GNS-1 wheels. The GNS comes at a surprisingly low price point for a fully forged wheel. Email us at [email protected] to find out more! The Hellcat full...
  15. Parts for Sale
    Just a long shot. But interested in what forged internals are out there for sale that are bored .010 over.
  16. Challenger Hellcat (2015 + )
    Dodge Challenger HELLCAT x Vossen Forged M-X2 Here is a photogallery of the powerful Dodge Challenger HELLCAT matched with our new Vossen Forged M-X2 wheel. Hellcat Full Gallery is here. Vossen Forged Wheels are Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in our TÜV Verified Factory in Miami...
  17. Parts for Sale
    Does anyone have a set of 5.7L forged pistons/ rods for sale?
  18. Hellcat 6.2 Supercharged HEMI
    Like it says arethe pistons, crank, and rods forged in a hellcat?
  19. Vossen Wheels
    Drake's LaFerrari x Vossen Forged MX-2 Wheels by Driving Emotions Toronto Drake's Ferrari LaFerrari now with Vossen Forged MX-2 Wheels. This was customized by Driving Emotions Toronto led by @tonybet. Build your LaFerrari at www.vossen3d.com Drake's Ferrari LaFerrari Gallery is here...
  20. Vossen Wheels
    Introducing the all-new Vossen Hybrid Forged HF-2 Wheel!! Available in 19, 20, 21, 22" diameters and a new 24" size with various widths available starting at $499 per wheel. The Hybrid Forged HF-2 is also now available in 2 standard colors and 9 optional solid finishes! MORE INFO: Vossen...
1-20 of 50 Results