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  1. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    Would like to do this swap on my '09 Pursuit. It looks like many of the junked Police Chargers in my area are AWD. So will all, or any of the AWD parts fit my RWD car? I'm assuming the rear might be the same, what about the front? Thanks for those who've been through this!
  2. 300 General Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 + )
    Sup all, I have a 2021 300S HEMI and I want to upgrade my exhaust to the Mopar Performance Exhaust but will it fit my car. Most listing will fit up to 2018 or 2019, is there any difference from 2019 to 2021? 2016-2018 Mopar Exhaust System Kit P5160039AB | TascaParts.com 2015-2019 Mopar Exhaust...
  3. Tires, Wheels and Suspension
    Hi, What 17 & 18" wheels fit over the factory Brembos or Willwoods if anyone is running then? I recently installed the Wilwood Aero 6 front & Aero 4 rear 14.25" brakes on my 300C. My 18" drag race wheels won't fit over them so I need to find something that will. I know a lot of the Scat...
  4. Tires, Wheels and Suspension
    Will 6 piston Jeep Brembos fit SRT LX knuckles?
  5. Charger Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    Surprised I couldn't find a thread on this, but does the Gen3 Charger front end (Fenders, fascia, hood and related parts) fit on a Gen 2 Charger. The main bodies looks pretty similar so seems like it would work. Anybody done it? Direct fit? Some fab work? Major PITA? Input appreciated.
  6. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    Mine broke. The only replacement I could find was for a Charger maybe. I bought it, the cable cover is different, it doesn't fit. I cut and taped the two together for a franken-cover. Anyone got a source for a new one?
  7. Charger Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    Hi everyone, I have found a front splitter, with the rods and hardware that I'd like to put on my 2011 R/T. They think it's from a 2015+ Charger. Does anyone know if it'll fit on my car before I go and buy it? It's brand new and they want $150 for it...is that a good price? Thanks in advance!
  8. Newbie Check-In
    Hey everyone. Owner of a 2020 Charger SP here in NJ. Bought new a few weeks ago and now have about 2200 miles on the odo. Its a DD and so far i'm loving every minute. Looking to make a few trips to the track this fall. Glad I went with the Dynamics package. The 6 piston brembos are...
  9. Charger Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    Just a quick question, I'm eying a new set of wheels and curious about if a 20x10.5 +20 can fit on the front? I prefer to run a 20x10 just because I know it will fit with a 275/40 better without any issues but that size isn't available yet and I'm kind of impatient lol. This will be going on a...
  10. 300 General Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 + )
    Hey all, will the rear diffuser from the 2011-2014 fit on the 2015-2020 rear bumper? TIA
  11. 300C, Magnum RT & Charger RT (5.7L V8)
    I've installed the Whipple 2.9 a few months ago with the big intercooler, I have not used the side plastic air deflectors which seem to need some notching if they are going to fit. Now my temps are reaching 225 deg F (I have a 160 deg thermo) at highway speed. Not sure if it's related with the...
  12. 300 General Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 + )
    First off im new to this site . I need my car faster. I bought it with some type of muffler delete. I was told i need longtube headers intake and a tune. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I can get a good deal on this full exhaust system from the headers to the tips but its for a challenger...
  13. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT / Track Hawk
    Im looking at buying an 07 Overland 5.7 with high miles so Im pricing parts for a rebuild. Will the 09 heads and exhaust manifolds, mids fit the 07 without issues? 6.1 intake manifold 6.1 fuel rail and injectors 2009 5.7 heads 2009 5.7 exhaust mani and mids Any issues?
  14. Charger Discussion (1st Gen - 2006 to 2010)
    Hello all, I have a Charger RT 2007 and want to install those rims: VF480 2PC Custom Finish Wheels by AMERICAN RACING®. more details on - Security Check I contacted carid, but they couldn't answer. Before I place an order, do you think they will fit my CHARGER RT 2007 RWD ? If so, can I...
  15. Want to Buy
    Looking for headers and possibly a catback exhaust that would fit my 2016 Challenger Scat Pack.Thanks
  16. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    Are all years 6.1 intakes the same? I'm putting together a stroker 6.1 that is out of an 08 Challenger and am looking for a factory intake. Found one off an 09 Challenger, wondering if it will fit.
  17. Charger Discussion (1st Gen - 2006 to 2010)
    Just got it mounted and adjusted at the hinges. I still have work to do to make it fit better. Then it will be painted B5 Blue.
  18. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    Will a Challenger exhaust fit on LX cars?
  19. Tires, Wheels and Suspension
    Will they fit? If I need spacers, what width and where can I get the spacers?
  20. Parts for Sale
    I'm needing at least a Dual Gauge Pod. Would like to have a pillar mount style.. Needs to fit a 2010 Charger..
1-20 of 112 Results