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  1. Ontario
    I bought my '05 SXT in 2016 and it had an undersized 2014 battery in it. It was still working okay even with COVID reduced driving, until a couple of days ago with -10°C temperatures it failed to start, requiring a boost and then again failed when I was out and I had to get another boost. So I...
  2. NYLX
    Anybody still do this I'm on long island. And ye bellmore or oceanside car shows where the best dont see anybody now because covid.
  3. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Now that restrictions are being eased do we have anything upcoming for the group miss you guys! Seen a few pictures of recent coffee meets but not sure where to look for those events would have liked to have gone.
  4. Tires, Wheels and Suspension
    Just noticed both Moog lower control arms I ordered for my 2010 Challenger as made in China ? Wtf ? I hope this doesn't change build quality/durability. And hopefully no Covid 19 cooties came with it...:tinfoilhat: and I cant post the pic...dangit !
1-4 of 4 Results