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  1. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Well... Wife and I decided to move to Kelowna. as of September. Thanks for having me here for all this time. The last couple of years I have been quiet with Work and appearances, But Covid job loss has made it even tougher. So we have found new opportunities in Kelowna I have had some amazing...
  2. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Coffee meet planned for tomorrow, Sept 22 at Deerfoot City Tim Hortons 1pm.
  3. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Hey any one going for coffee on Sundays
  4. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Hey any one going for coffee on Sundays
  5. Alberta LX (ALX)
    There is a Coffee meet planed for tomorrow at Deerfoot Mall(Deerfoot City), 1pm at the Tim Hortons.
  6. Alberta LX (ALX)
    For those that are interested, there is a coffee meet planed for tomorrow (Sunday July 21) in Langdon at the Tim Hortons parking lot at noon. Hope to see you there.
  7. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Coffee meet at the Tims in Langdon Sunday at 11:00 am :banana::pepper::banana::racing:
  8. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Anyone up for coffee this evening?
  9. Brothers Performance
    We would like to invite all forum members to our monthly cars & coffee located in Deland, Florida. We provide free coffee, free dyno runs and discounted product. The event takes place every second Saturday of the month. More details can be found on the following link: Upcoming Car Shows & Events
  10. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Who is up for a coffee meet this Sunday evening. Yes it is the long weekend, but alot of us stay in town. We had a record turnout in 2011 with almost 30 cars. Same old place Tims at 72 Ave and 52 St. SE around 6:30
  11. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Just wondering if there's any plans to resume Timmies coffee night on Sundays?
  12. Southwest Region
    Scottsdale Cars and Coffee this weekend. If you haven't been to it, you deserve to see it. Used to not be my favorite as you had to have something special in the eyes of Russ at the front entrance or he wouldn't let you in. Last month, they put all of the American cars to the left of the...
  13. Southwest Region
    Karz & Koffee - Arizona Auto Scene Good little show, with a good mix of older and newer muscle cars. I went to this one for the first time last month. It is relaxed, smaller showing with room to grow. Doesn't have the flash and panache of the first of the month Scottsdale Cars and Coffee...
  14. Southwest Region
    Just a reminder. Who's going? Dan.
  15. Alberta LX (ALX)
    So with Sunday being 28 C (So far), I thought it would be nice to get out and maybe go for some coffee or Ice cream. Any thoughts on a possible cruise as well ?
  16. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Anyone up for a iced coffee today?
  17. Meets, Greets & Events
    /// Alright guys....DG Cars and Coffee /// Loc - Starbucks / 3405 Forum Blvd Unit 101Fort Myers, FL 33905 Date - Friday 23th Time - 7:30 PM
  18. Meets, Greets & Events
    Cars & Coffee Miami updated the event... - Cars & Coffee Miami | Facebook Sat AM ,Town n Contery mall, north,end about 8am to 10am This is at the same time an place each month on the same weekend of each month. July 8th is next,it alway number two sat. of month.
  19. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Any body up for a coffee meet Sunday evening around 6:30? Say at the A&W at Glendeer Circle?
  20. Great Lakes Region
    Hosted at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering - North "Engine Build Facility" Open to the Public May 3rd - Sept. 20th (8am - 10am) Cars & Coffee is a gathering of like minded enthusiasts with plenty of parking and an indoor showroom. Coffee & donuts provided by Tim Horton's. All Makes &...
1-20 of 21 Results