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  1. Alberta LX (ALX)
    The majority has chosen the weekend of Oct. 5 &6 Now we need to choose the Sat. Oct. 5 or Sun. Oct. 6
  2. Alberta LX (ALX)
    The weekend of Oct. 13/14 was voted by the majority now choose either Saturday Oct.13 or Sunday Oct.14
  3. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Time to make a choice first as to what weekend, then we will choose a day.
  4. Speedlogix
    Z Automotive BurnBox To Order: 2015-2017 Challenger/2011-2017 Charger/300 (All but Hellcat): Z Automotive BurnBox G2 2005-2014 Challenger/Charger/300/Magnum: Z Automotive BurnBox G1 2005-2014 Challenger/Charger/300/Magnum 2015-2017 Challenger/Charger SRT Hellcat: Z Automotive BurnBox...
  5. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Im going to purchase a set of Thitek heads. Does anyone have any insight on all the options that they offer. Are they all worth the added expense or should I pick and choose from the list for the "Custom heads"? It's a loooong list; Coated Titanium Valves Copper Beryllium Valve Seats Custom...
1-5 of 6 Results