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  1. Parts for Sale
    Legmaker Hammer intake with filter plus breather filter. Fits 5.7/6.1 engines. Has typical rash on bottom facing side that is unseen. Selling to return 06 CSRT8 to stock. Asking $190 plus shipping. Paypal or, cash in person.
    $190 USD
  2. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    So, I had a 2005 Magnum RT and I had a carbon fiber Airhammer intake on it (By Rev Hammer back in the day). Loved the sound that thing made! On the Scat Pack Chargers, I get that there isn't really power to be gained by just adding a CAI or an aftermarket intake, however, with this mod I am...
  3. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Most of what I've read says a Cold Air Intake doesnt exactly add any horsepower, and its better to tune the car. I'm going to end up tuning the car, but would I need to retune it if I install a Cold Air Intake after? I currently have a K&N drop in filter in it. I've changed the cam, springs...
  4. Charger Discussion (1st Gen - 2006 to 2010)
    ok ... do throttle body spacers work?? show me some real numbers. i have read all the sales crap and salesmen beleave it or not will lie ... would like to see some dyno sheets and hear from ppl that use one. i have good pipes and cai thanks ....
  5. Newbie Check-In
    I couldn't pass up the horsepower rebate....coupled with my company getting a fleet discount i received $7715 off sticker. So i pulled the trigger on a destroyer gray scat pack with dynamic package. First "Mod" was deleting "DODGE" and "CHARGER" from the rear decklid. Tonight i'll be installing...
  6. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Any first hand experience with this? 11-18 Challenger Charger 300 Cold Air Intake CAI 5.7L Using Original Box OE (SWMCAI57) | Steve White Parts
  7. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    I have had my eye on a Legitimakers true CAI but don’t have the time for the install. So now I am looking at a much easier install with a short ram CAI either a Bwoody or a Legitimakers. Any advice would be appreciated in terms of quality, performance,and sound. I have a 2015 Dodge Charger SRT...
  8. Newbie Check-In
    Just bought a really clean, 80K mile 2005 Magnum R/T in Magnesium Pearlcoat, about a month ago. Been lurking since then, and finally decided to join. Thanks for all of the good information. I’ve already done the auto headlights mod, calibrated the moonroof, and replaced the clock spring, as well...
  9. Parts for Sale
    Looking for Mopar CAI for my 06 300 SRT8. It has a K&N that i dont like. I have had 2 other SRT8's with the Mopar intake and like them better.
  10. Newbie Check-In
    Picked up a CPO 2017 300C Platinum with the 3.6 over the weekend after trading in my 2016 Mustang GT. Was a fun car but not really made for big guys and job promotion at work will require some travel and taking people to different locations so I needed a 4 door. Probably do a CAI, Borla S-Type...
  11. Magnum General Discussion (2005 - 2008)
    Hi Everyone, My Magnum transformation is progressing nicely. I got my new wheels last Friday and got them installed over the weekend. I received my aFe CAI and Diablosport InTune i3 today. I had a few questions about the i3...I'm a pretty tech-savvy guy, having worked in I.T. for 20 years...
  12. Challenger Discussion (2015 + )
    do SP come from factory with open element or is this a $800.00 option by the dealer
  13. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Hello All, I just installed my LMI Tru CAI and I'm concerned about water getting in the intake from puddles and such. When we get rain here it really comes down quickly and all the washes have water in them. I was thinking of making a plug for the front duct (In the bumper) but I'm not sure...
  14. Newbie Check-In
    Hi All. New to this forum wanted to know if anyone can help me get more information on getting a LMI true CAI 3.6l 2014 Chrysler 300
  15. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Hi all I'm pretty new to this scene. My wife is American I'm a dirty redcoat (I didn't fight btw) I picked up my 2006 charger RT Daytona within 3 days of arriving here by chance really while looking at a sensible Volvo on a local car lot so what I've learned in the last 3 weeks is about all I...
  16. Parts for Sale
    Anyone have the 90mm boot for LMI true CAI laying around ? Just asking before I pull the trigger on a new one. Thanks
  17. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    You Tube video linked below. I installed a K&N Blackhawk CAI and hear this wild crazy whining/screaching noise. Install wasn't my first and went clean and smooth. Makes noise on cold start, once moving or heated up it goes away. HELP please! WTF could have happened to make this noise?
  18. DiabloSport Inc
    I know lots of you have a 2nd vehicle in the driveway, so I wanted to share this and see if anyone was interested.... We are seeking a few vehicles for some in house testing of our new Reaper CAI kits. If you are willing to let us use your vehicle for a few days, we'll provide a rental to...
  19. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Just sharing for those that may have a question of which CAI to get or those that Want to know if a CAI alone will get you gains. https://warriormopar.com/projects/f/legmaker-dyno-proven
1-20 of 92 Results