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  1. Challenger Discussion (2008 to 2014)
    Back in 2011 Bob Fredrick ordered 10 Special 392 Challengers to pay homage to the movie character in Vanishing Point. Well a buddy of mine bought Serial #1 and it will soon be up for sale, most likely on Bring A Trailer. Here are a couple photos from the Texas Mile in 2012. K1 posted a 170+...
  2. Vendor Aisle
    Just wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves! For those who do not know us, Complete Street Performance is located in West Chester, PA. Our new online parts shop is www.cspracing.com and our phone number is 610-628-1563. We have been in business 10 years and historically specialize...
  3. New England Mopar Club
    That time again. Fir thise not on FB, bbq will be at my place in Vermont. West River Camperama, sute 106. I will supply dogs and burgers, please bring a side dish. Date is Sept. 8th, 11- ?. Cime and join us.
  4. Alberta LX (ALX)
    Ok lets get the first (hopefully many more) meet and greets going for 2018 Location: Tim Hortons Address: 52nd st and 72nd AVE SE, Calgary Alberta, Canada, North America, Earth, bottom of some alien's dumpster Date: NOW Saturday April 28th 2018 Time: 6:30pm who knows when but lets say 7:30 If...
  5. Newbie Check-In
    Hey everybody, recently sold the Ford and got my hands on a 05 Magnum 3.5. 83k miles, one owner. Looking to get some ideas and bring it back to life. Already spent hours trying to bring the paint back since they didn't wash it but a couple times a year :banghead: It came with some badly peeling...
  6. Texas
    Anyone know of any shops in the Houston/Conroe area that do good machine work? Looking at getting my heads done to prevent the valve seat problems, I don't want to bring it just anywhere and I want someone who knows about these motors I'm doing cam and valve train here soon, headers, rear end...
1-6 of 6 Results