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  1. Southwest Region
    I just went through the first five pages of this forum and found no mention of the Tucson Mopar Club. That said, we now have a thread. The next meet of the Club is scheduled for June 5th, 2021, and should start at 3:00 PM. Up until now, every meet has been cancelled due to the pandemic, and...
  2. Arizona LX (AZLX)
    I thought it might clean the place up if we moved some of the Sticky threads that are good to have, but not often used - so how 'bout this: I'll make a list with direct links to those here in this thread, and Stick it. It might make it a little easier to see what the active events are without...
  3. Parts for Sale
    I have a set of mounted and balanced w/o TPS sensors GWG SAVANTI 22s that fit the new LX cars rims are 22x9.5 from GWG Luxury Alloys with a deep deep 4.5" lip. Wheels are brilliant chrome in perfect condition. These were only on the car for one Show and driven a total of 300 miles. These rims...
1-3 of 3 Results