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  1. Want to Buy
    Hey all, looking to see if anyone has a used set of catted long tubes for sale, or even just a set of 6.4L headers.PM me with offers please.Thank you
  2. High Horse Performance, Inc.
    High Horse Performance, Inc. is searching for a 2015-2018 6.4L Challenger to be test fit with a new Vortech Supercharger kit! It has to be a stock 6.4L Challenger - meaning it can't have headers, high flow cats, engine modifications, etc. This setup normally retails around ~$9,995, we're...
  3. Speedlogix
    Procharger HO Supercharger Kit 2018 Dodge Durango SRT 6.4L To Order: Procharger Supercharger Kit 2018 6.4L Durango SRT Thanks Chris
  4. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    For some reason, I'm having trouble finding the stock 6.4L cam specifications. I've found some literature on duration listing 286/288, but I assume that's at 0". Lift is listed as 0.577" and 0.537". Can anyone tell me the duration at 0.050" and the LSA? I'd like to compare to other...
  5. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    Hi. I've been away from the Forums for so long, I might as well be a newb... That being said, how many kms/miles do you get from a tank in a 6.4L? Let's say it's 90% highway.
  6. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    At Livernois Motorsports we strive to be the best and always do extensive research on all of our builds and make sure each vehicle has the capability to withstand the power thrown at them. In case you did not know the 6.4L Hemi has a very weak rod and piston that are not able to withstand boost...
  7. Charger Discussion (3rd Gen - 2015 +)
    So I would like to get a better grasp on the real issues with supercharging a scatpack. Now i know that it has a cast rotating assembly which is the weak link, but at low boost (5-7psi) some survive and some do not. I come from a turbo subaru background when it comes to boost, and correct me...
  8. Canada Corner
    Looking for 6.4L intake manifold. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thank you. Eric
  9. Want to Buy
    Looking for 6.4L intake manifold. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thank you. Eric
  10. Parts for Sale
    SOLD - 392/6.4L OEM Crankshaft Description: OEM Crank from 392 SRT8. I incorrectly purchased thinking it was for a 6.1L. I had it polished at a machine shop and they confirmed it within spec for standard bearings. A couple of teeth on the reluctor wheel are a bit scrapped (see last pic) $OLD...
    $500 USD
  11. Scat Pack Community
    Go Mango. In pics it always looks bright, but I just can't get a good read on it and have never seen it in person. What are your thoughts? Love it or too flashy? The 6.4L gets enough attention as it is, is Mango adding fuel to that fire? Just curious everyone's opinions on such a rare color.
  12. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    So I am going to be installing a 6.1L intake manifold on my 6.4L Hellcat Shortblock (Hellcat bare block, built with 392 crank and forged rods/pistons) with Edelbrock heads. What intake manifold gaskets and bolts should I expect to use? Stock 6.4L gear? Stock 6.1L gear?
  13. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    So how well does the 6.4L intake manifold deal with boost? Does have any major restrictions? I have been tossing around the idea of installing a 6.1L intake but then realized the throttle body isn't compatible, I could swap in a 6.1L based version, which is smaller, and buy a harness adapter...
  14. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    So would love to hear opinions on the best route to go. I am in between a lot of choices between a hellcat short block, a stroker, a factory dimension forged, drop ins, etc etc. I ordered a Hellion twin 62mm setup. Goal is around 900whp to run some mid to high 9's. My main questions are is...
  15. Power Adders
    Anyone know at what point I should be worried about cracking or blowing up the factory plastic intake manifold on the 6.4L? Seems like if it is an issue I don't have many options but the Edelbrock...any advice appreciate it. I assume with the twin 62mm turbos I will be running I will need...
  16. Turbos
    So if you go on Hellion's site, they only list kits for the 6.1L based vehicles, but when I scour through old posts there are multiple mentions of a 6.4L kit and links to Hellion's website that no longer work. Tells me maybe they discontinued making it for the 6.4L? Then I found the below...
  17. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Tossing around a lot of ideas on how to build my 6.4L 300, and I’m struggling with a final decision. I would really love to strap on the Hellcat 4.5L Whipple, but not sure what parts can be reused or what will line up. How do the heads compare bolt pattern wise? do the 6.4L heads even bolt...
  18. Want to Buy
    Looking for black exhaust tips to fit a 6.4L Challenger exhaust. Please PM me.
  19. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    Hey everybody, Mishimoto is going to begin development of our 6.1L / 6.4L direct fit catch can kit. I'm starting this thread to keep you all up to date on our engineering process for this kit, as well as get everybody's feedback along the way. If you're not familiar with our blog or other forum...
  20. A2Speed
    6.4l 392 crate engines in stock. They are $6750.00 plus shipping with a check or $6850.00 with a cc
1-20 of 24 Results