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  1. Engine, Trans and Exhaust
    I am building a 6.4 Hemi Stroker to install in a 2009 6.1 srt8 and I am looking for a recommendation for a timing cover that fits the 6.4 VVT block but will allow me to utilize my stock 2009 6.1 Alternator and AC components. I know the timing cover from a 6.1 does not fit the 6.4 engine. From...
  2. General LX Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    Would the 6.1/6.4 headers bolt up to the motor? I know they wont bolt on to the exhaust but if they mount to the engine i will buy a set and get the appropriate mid-pipe and exhaust setup to match.
  3. Parts for Sale
    Want to buy srt Shorty headers and catted mid pipes for a swap on a 5.7.
  4. Parts for Sale
    looking for a pair of stock exhaust manifolds and midpipes for a 6.2 or 6.4. Did you upgrade to headers and just have them sitting around, if so I;ll buy them.
  5. General LX Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    Looking at buying a 2012 300 SRT8 with 3.73 gears, scat pack exhaust, mmx intake, fastman 84+4 tb and hellcat lower air box. With a custom 93 tune and drag radials should this car go low 12's maybe high 11's? Anyone have similar mods and performance?
  6. Transmissions Gears & Diffs
    Anyone have a 6.4 nag1 car with 3.73's? Looking at a 2012 300Srt8 with a scat pack exhaust,mmx intake, fastman tb and hellcat lower air box. Any guesses on 1/4 mile times?
  7. Parts for Sale
    Description: Hey guys, sold my scatpack so i have some parts left that I'm looking to sell. 2015-2017 Cracked PCM for a 6.4L. It still has to be sent to diablo to have it coded to your specific vin#. - 300.00 Diablosport Intune I2 with custom tune files. It comes with custom tunes from my...
    $600 USD
  8. Parts for Sale
    Looking to swap this onto my 2016 Challenger RT, so any parts relating to that would be helpful also!
  9. General LX Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    I was driving my 13 charger 392 after installing the TaZer and on the way home it got stuck in 3rd gear, after making it home I checked the codes and got the incorrect gear ratio codes. It made it around the neighborhood one before it stopped moving at all. When it first starts up it will go in...
  10. Engine / Intake / Exhaust / Performance
    Hey guys, I believe I found a good deal on some ported Apache heads but am concerned about running into issues during the install. I've done my fair share of research and came across a thread where MangoBill and Popeyes'Hemi have successfully completed this by running a thicker head gasket and...
  11. Parts for Sale
    Looking to purchase and intake manifold with injectors, rails, and tb(will buy without). Tell me your price shipped to the DFW area.
  12. Parts for Sale
    I'm looking for a 6.1 intake manifold 2 sets of SRT mids and 1 SRT cat back it's going in a 06 charger but will consider cat back from other Srt cars! I'm located in South Florida prefer local pickup but will consider shipping... Text me 786-663-3193
  13. 300 General Discussion (1st Gen - 2005 to 2010)
    I currently have an '06 300C AWD. I have an opportunity to acquire a Flood Damaged NON Repairable title 2012 Charger SRT 6.4. The risks involved with flood damages are already well understood. Charger can not be put back on the road. I presume that engine & tranny swap are simple bolt ins...
  14. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    Hello everyone.. I have some questions and i hope someone can help me with them can i install hellcat camshaft in my 6.4 engine? (300c srt 2014) will it fit inside the engine? if everything is good what else i have to change to make my work good? and sorry for the poor english.. Regards
  15. Parts for Sale
    I have a complete Vortech V3Si blower kit for the Dodge 6.4L Hemi cars. To see pics you can go to http://www.vortechsuperchargers.com/page.php?id=30164. The pic posted on their site is the blower kit installed on my car. The kit has about 6,000 miles on. I made 620rwhp and 559rwtq with a...
  16. Want to Buy
    I am searching for a motor! Looking for either a 6.1 based 426, a 6.4 based 426, a stock 6.1 block, or a stock 6.4 block. If you have anything matching these descriptions, please email me at the email listed below! Cash in hand and looking to buy ASAP!! [email protected]
  17. The SRT-8 (6.1L and 6.4L V8)
    I'm sure that this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find a general answer to this question for the 6.4s anywhere on the internet. I have a 2012 srt8 Charger. Around how much power can I add to a stock motor before I'd have to start worrying about beefing up the car? I've heard that...
  18. Charger Discussion (2nd Gen - 2011 to 2014)
    I want to upgrade my cam to a 6.4 after seeing all the gains others have made. Can I use a oem 6.4 mds cam or do I have to go aftermarket? Will I still get decent gains (50-60 hp)? OEM is cheaper than aftermarket (Spartan, Comp, & so on), but are they close when numbers are compared? I know...
  19. Parts for Sale
    I have a 10lb bottle w/ brackets. Braided line from bottle to solenoids. NOS brand Fuel and Nitrous solenoids. Nitrous outlet Plate with all Factory jets. Retail 299...
  20. Parts for Sale
    ---- SOLD ---- I am selling a brand new Jet Performance 180 Degree Thermostat that I originally purchased for my 2006 SRT8. I sold my car before I got around to installing it and it has never been removed from the original packaging. This thermostat will work with a 5.7, 6.1, and 6.4 LX. I'm...
1-20 of 21 Results