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General Information

Engine Type: 6.1L HEMI V8
Purchase Date: 0-00-00
Vehicle Mileage: 54000 Miles
Purchase Price: $0.00 USD
Total Spent: $0.00 USD
I'll start w/ factory options. It has them all, rear ves, sunroof, nav, everything I think they offered.

First things first. I have a Grip front fascia, it was installed about a month ago after a small fender bender, have pics if you'd like. At the same time I bought a new set of CCFL Halo's and there the brightest I've ever had, I'll get picks up later. Also has a Corsa catback exhaust and KWV2 Adjustable Coilover System. The car also has 22" MHT GTII Wheels w/ about 70% left on the tires. I had new pads and Drilled and Slotted rotors put on about 6 months ago. I'll also be including the Predator. It currently has the 91 CAI tune installed.

For some of you guys who are a little more familiar w/ the vendors, I have been using Brians BND QB and Aces since I bought the car. I recently put HP GOLD Coolant in when I had the oil changed again w/ QB a couple of months ago.

Now to the interior mods. I've put a real CF dash kit, CF wrapped the gear box bezel, have a red "SRT" billet shift plate, and a red "M" shift ball. I have the designer series knobs for everything, the mirror, the headlights, the ac, the radio, and the seats. It looks great.

For the engine bay and extras, I have a BT Red Catch can w/ a red z bracket. I have a red underhood kit from bt (7 pieces I belive). I had the coolant tank painted red along w/ the firewall cover, right side abs cover, fuse box cover (had it shaved also) and the strut caps (smoothed as well). Everything cleared nicely. I have speedlogix black braided lines running to and into the coolant resevoir and to and from the catch can. The Mopar and SRT and "M" on the painted parts on decals and can be removed.
The car has a 7 year/60,000 extended service contract. It's at 48,000 now.
I'm the second owner and have had great fun with it, I love it but for me a black or silver 300 srt would be more practical. Thanks for checking it out and PM me if interested. I'd like to get $29,000 but I'm open to offers for it. Thanks



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