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Hope and i know you realise that CAR is just not a regular car my friend........It's a CHALLENGER!Take good care of it I have a 2010 CALLENGER SXT and after 40 years i decided after done the family thing (marriage kids) to come back to my first love. I had a 70 CHALLENGER with a 318 but today being a grand father i settled for a V6.....(grey power) but i'm still own a CHALLENGER.Last year went on my 35 th wedding anniversary on my 2 nd honey moon with my honey same place in a 2010 CHALLENGER! Hope you can do the same thing! It' waqs driving down MEMORIES LANE! Take ggod care of it and enjoy it for a long time...you want regret it. Can imagine i sold my 70 CHALLENGER for 150. $ in 1979 just to get rid of it DAMN!