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General Information

Brilliant Black
Engine Type: 392
Purchase Date: 2005-01-12
Vehicle Mileage: 75000 Miles
Purchase Price: $0.00 USD
Total Spent: $0.00 USD
One bad ass station wagon. Follow the URL link above for the car's complete web site, which includes parts lists, help articles and tons of pure BS.

Motor by Bob Crespo at Motor Machine:
-392-cu. in. (6.4 liters) stroked up from a 6.1L block
-forged everything
-Scat crank
-Oliver parabolic I-beam rods
-Custom Manley pistons
-Hand-ported/polished heads
-Smith Brothers Pushrods
-PSI valve springs with Manley titanium retainers
-High Horse Performance Stage 4 cam, modified for road racing
-6.1L manifold hand-ported/smoothed by Steve Frank. Coated for heat reflection on bottom, airflow inside and heat reflection outside.
-Blue Giant (Ford!!) XL fuel injectors
-Oversized blue-anodized billet fuel rails with front crossover from Billet Technology
-Custom Street/Dyno tune (fat for longevity on a road course) by Bob Crespo at RBC Engineering w/Diablosport CMR software
-Frankentake IV intake
-Stock 6.1L/SRT headers, midpipes and cats for CARB legality

The Frankencooler System:
-57,000 btu/hr thermostatically-controlled engine oil cooler
-- 25-row stacked plate type
-- -10 AN braided stainless lines
-- anodized alloy fittings
-43,000 btu/hr transmission oil cooler
-- 16-row stacked plate type
-- -6 AN hard stainless lines
-- anodized alloy fittings
-Stock transmission cooler hooked up as secondary in series with Frankencooler
-- 5,500 GVW power steering fluid cooler (24" finned heat sink from Hell)
Mopar police oil cooler
The biggest, fattest aluminum radiator that will fit (from JoelVan).

3-Qt AccuSump connected to 40 psi auto-switch.
Custom 4-muffler, 2-resonator exhaust system spec'd by me and built Zoomers Exhaust (designed specifically to pass 92db sound limit at Laguna Seca)
Quaife limited-slip differential
Pro-Torque converter with custom 2600 rpm stall (no longer custom in 2012)
Mopar Performance Transmission Control Module

-MSD DashHawk (quad view, various stuff from CAN bus on display)
-Autometer full sweep engine oil temp (0-340 degrees)
-Autometer full sweep transmission oil temp (0-340 degrees)
-Center overhead console gauge pod

Big Brakes from TCE Performance Products:
-Wilwood W6A 6-piston front calipers
-- double-walled phenolic resin-insulated steel pistons
-- red powder coating
-Wilwood BSL4 rear calipers
-- stainless steel pistons
-- red powder coating
-360mm x 32mm vented, slotted front rotors (disposable SRT-stock)
-350mm x 28mm vented, slotted rear rotors (disposable SRT-stock)
-stainless lines
-Street pads: Wilwood BP-20 fronts and BP-10 rears.
-Track pads: Wilwood Polymatrix H fronts and Polymatrix B rears
-Wilwood EXP 626-degree (dry) DOT-4 fluid
-Titanium backing plates (front only for now)
-Spindle ducts with 600-degree silicone feeder hose custom fabricated by Bob Crespo at Motor Machine
-Dual switched 170 cfm marine environment inline cooling fans for spindle ducts

Pedders Track II kit - poly bushing installation for all available suspension parts
Hotchkis Sway Bars
KW Variant 2 suspension

Street wheels:
-Dodge SRT forged alloy 20x9 wheels
-- powder coated and polished
-- with Nitto NT-05's in 255/45/20
-- Custom skull centercaps by Billet Technology.

Track wheels (dry weather):
-6 Forgestar F14 18x10 wheels, silver finish, centercaps removed (coming 2Q 2012)
-- Continental Grand Am (made by Hoosier) scrubs in 275/35/18 (coming 2Q 2012)

Track wheels (wet weather):
-Dodge SRT forged alloy 20x9 wheels, original finish, centercaps removed
-- with Bridgestone RE-050A Pole Positions in 255/35/20

SRT front steering knuckles (allows the use of the 10" wheels up front)
Extended wheel studs
Direct-wired, steering-wheel-mounted Mercedes AMG shift paddles
Stainless steel, SCCA-compliant tow hooks, front and rear from Rennline, custom-mounted by [email protected]
Bolstered SRT seats, front and rear
E&G Classics stainless steel mesh grill
5000k HID low beams
3000k HID fog lights
Halogen Infrared Reflecting (HIR) hi beams
Danko Reproductions chin spoiler
RamAirHoods.com fiberglas functional scoop hood
H3R in-cabin fire extinguisher
LED taillights
Black floormats with red R/T embroidery
Custom solid billet black-and-clear anodizeed "6.4L HEMI" hood emblem from Billet Technology
1970 Challenger R/T emblems (fenders)
Ultimate alloy pedals (gas, brake, parking) with custom engraving.
Satin finish billet alloy dash knobs, switches and shifter from Billet Technology
Under-hood billet knobs and dressings from Billet Technology
Husky 'bedliner'
Butweet's Mirror mod
"No Bra's Allowed For Safety" visor decals
Front SpoilerCam

(more at the web site)



· moonraker
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You have one of the coolest cars on the planet! Thanks for sharing your info with all of us.

1,938 Posts
Just a total bad assed "grocery getter"!
Wish you the best of luck with smog Nazi's and with this seasons racing!

· LXeus crewman
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Don't ever get rid of your Magnum! Too bad I live on the wrong coast.

· Premium Member
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very nice ride Matt. just curious how many sets of wheels do you own? lol i always see your sig and you have different wheels on. im loving that black face with silver pockets MSRT wheels. is that paint or powdercoat? got any more pics of them? any chance you are selling them :)? keep modding!!!

· T.G.I.F.
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Well lets see I have 6 track wheels for the slicks, one set of 4 plain Magnum SRT wheels (the original 5-spoke design) that I use for wet weather tracking and one set of 4 more of the same original SRT wheel that have been stripped of their clear coat, polished and then powder-coated black on the spoke face. Since the aluminum is bare it is a royal b*tch to keep clean :). The chrome wheels you see in the pic were forged MC2's that I loved but one of them cracked. I still have that one in the back yard so there's one more wheel.

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Hey Matt , I have had a photo image of a black Magnum on the Laguna Seca corkscrew for about 4 or 5 years now and am wondering if it is of you and your car? It has been my favorite Magnum pic since I down loaded it after buying my R/T 5 years ago. If I can figure out how to attach it to this post I will, if not send me a message and I can PM you with a copy of it.