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General Information

Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl
Engine Type: 5.7L HEMI
Purchase Date: 2010-04-27
Vehicle Mileage: 70300 Miles
Purchase Price: $17000.00 USD
Total Spent: $0.00 USD
This was originally a fully-marked patrol car with the Pleasant Grove, Utah police department, fleet unit number 8184. It was a lease return that I purchased in April, 2010 when it was two and a half years old and just under 30,000 miles. It used to have a white wrap on the doors with the department's graphics that made it look like a black and white, but it was just a wrap, so no repainting was necessary after it came out of service. It has good factory paint and nice interior, not a broke-ass old retired squad car by any means!

Modifications include replacement of the Utah state-bid chrome spotlight head with a black spotlight head, and replacement of the original full wheel covers with new OEM bright hubcaps. I have also replaced the shot Toyo Tourevo tires that were on it when I bought it with OEM spec V-rated Continental ContiProContact tires, replaced the original factory plugs with Champion double platinum plugs, and installed a K&N air filter.

It is equipped with a Havis model-specific console in place of the factory police equipment mounting plate that houses a VHF/UHF radio and four extra power outlets. I also have the matching laptop mount that I seldom use because this is my POV, not my duty car. I have a Laird Technologies black Phantom whipless antenna for UHF as well as a Laird Technolgies black quarterwave antenna for VHF, both hard mounted on the trunk lid for the dual band radio.

So far maintenance has been easy for the most part. I have done all four brakes, complete with new rotors, and tie rod ends before the new tires were put on. The plug job was also very easy, the easiest one I have ever done on a V8. However, this past summer, the electrohydraulic control module in the transmission failed, which was partially covered by the warranty (just the part, not the fluid or labor), and more recently, this past fall, the ignition lock cylinder housing broke without warning, leaving me stranded at work after I got off duty, and needing to have the car towed to the stealer for the repair, which was not covered by warranty. The HVAC recirc door also broke, which was fun to replace. I am starting to wonder about Chrysler quality.



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