Who are Supporting Vendors?

Supporting Vendors are companies or individuals who offer products for members of our community.

Members who are "Supporting Vendors" have contributed to the site and are a big reason why we are able to bring you content and a forum to visit everyday.

You can identify our "Supporting Vendors" by their usernames. They will show up in MAROON. If someone posts in this section (the Vendor's section) and their name is not maroon, they are NOT a supporting vendor and their post will be deleted.

Remember, our vendors are enthusiasts too. If you have a problem, please email them to work it out and DO NOT vent about it on the boards. If you have any persistent problems, feel free to contact myself or one of the admins and we can try and mediate.

Are you interested in becoming a Supporting Vendor?

***Please fill out our New Vendor Inquiry Form to request our Vendor Information Kit***


PM MagnumClub (Dave) to obtain more information.