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    TCE Product Update


    A couple of folks have emailed or called recently to make me aware of a 'new' rear brake kit on the market for the our Drag Racing owners. While I'm flattered someone else feels so strongly about our TCE Rear Drag Kit that they feel compelled to outright copy it, I also find it a bit disheartening that one cannot develop their own products for the market. TCE has had many kits copied over the last 26yrs so it's not a new thing. There's really only one reason a company do this: the intent to under cut price. Let's be honest here; it's not a terribly difficult thing to do if you have the proper skill set and if you feel you can pocket more profit by doing so rather than being a dealer for the TCE kits. No harm, no foul; that's free market choice, it's all but impossible to try to patent such a product and far to costly!

    Due to this 'knock off' design TCE has opted to work with our dealers and lower the price of both the kits as well as related items necessary for the installation of 15" Drag Wheels and tires- products TCE does not manufacture; we do brakes, just brakes. So I'm please to tell you that the base kit for the rear of the LX (all models) has been reduced to $909 including ground UPS to your door. All dealers who have been supplying or installing said kits will receive their same percentage discount as before. Front kit prices have also been dropped accordingly.

    As the leader in design of these kits, and ALL the LX based kits, since 2006 we remain committed to offering you value for your money. From the drag kits to what have evolved to become Wilwood factory (haven taken over the production of them some years ago) TCE will offer you competitive pricing and the widest range of options for your ride when it comes to Big Brake Kits. *And small ones.

    A shout out to:

    HIGH HORSE PERFORMANCE who's been with me from the start with these kits

    And others not on this site for their continued support!

    Rear drag 1.jpg

    Wherever you choose to purchase your brakes TCE, Wilwood and all our supporting dealers wish you a safe pass at the track!
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