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    2007 Dodge Magnum SRT8 ~42k Miles... Silver

    Make: Dodge
    Model: Magnum SRT8
    Year: 2007
    Condition: 1 - Excellent
    Mileage: 42000

    Price (USD): $21995

    Location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas
    Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person
    Shipping Cost (USD): $

    Item description
    (Photo's coming Next Week)

    2007 Dodge Magnum SRT8

    If you just read that and don’t know what it means, you might be in the wrong place. This car is 425 Hemi Horses of hammer down walk softly, but carry a big stick, Bruce Lee playing ping pong with Nunchucks as Chuck Norris cheers him on yet still gets the kids to baseball practice while eating up Mustangs type of performance. Want a performance vehicle that makes sense with your family? This is it. Sure you could spend $96,000 on a Porsche Panamera to get similar performance, but then you’d just be another Porsche owner. No one builds better V8s than Americans, and this is the V8 connoisseurs’ choice of engine. What’s the most expensive muscle car era engine? Duh, the Hemi. Why? Two words. Beast Mode.

    This is not Grandma’s station wagon.

    This vehicle is well optioned, and the only options I know of it does not have is the Navigation package (which sucked in 2007, your phone is better now) and roof rack (poor aerodynamics). This vehicle has the moon roof, subwoofer, wireless headphones with rear entertainment package and even a cd and cassette player. That’s right, break out the mix tapes, this baby is ready to rock.

    This may be one of only a handful of low mileage Dodge SRT8 station wagons left on the planet. You are looking at a 2 owner (not including dealer demo), no modifications vehicle. It has been a southern vehicle its entire life and never seen road salt. Non-smoker, no accidents and has always been serviced at the dealer, and had the 7 year warranty on it. Beyond having new tires, new Optima battery, some parking lot dings sorted out at the body shop and some minor curb rash on the rims, this family attack wagon is very much how it left Dodge’s facility. There has never been a full sized station wagon with this much performance crammed into it. I used it to challenge the beltway in Houston, Texas and now moved to the where this car just loves the winding mountain roads. This car has a near perfect weight balance due to the extra station wagon weight over the rear tires and makes this car stick to pavement like it is on rails.
    Here’s what Car and Driver had to say about this car.
    “For such a heavyweight, the Magnum feels light on its tires around Arizona's Firebird International Raceway. The big 20-inch Goodyear F1 summer tires on 9.0-inch-wide wheels have great cornering stability; you can lean on them with confidence. A 16.1:1 rack-and-pinion quickens the steering compared with the ordinary Magnum's 18:1. The overall balance is stolid and trusty, and if you don't like that, just switch off the electronic stability control. Hoo-wee! Kick the tail out to macho drift angles and flat-pedal it off the turns, knowing all the time that the 14.2-inch-front and 13.8-inch-rear vented Brembos {racing brakes} have an amazing capacity to bring you down to grandpa slow in time for the next turn. The firm and easy-to-modulate brake pedal seems to call down the hand of God.”
    “20 or 30 years from now, car-crazed enthusiasts will remember the wagon with the optional monster motor that somehow got past the corporate bean counters and insurance companies. This will be a collectible car.”

    We don’t drive this vehicle much at all anymore, as it was primarily our road trip vehicle. I’m going to let the next collector / connoisseur have a chance at owning this great piece of history and investment vehicle, as it will likely not drop in value any more, and should start appreciating very soon. I will use the funds to help build my Mountain Jeep project which is something I drive year round as top speeds here are only about 55 mph… This Battle Wagon needs someone to bring it out and play more than I do.

    The car is currently at the local dealership getting the oil changed, and the airbag recall performed. I should have it back next week with pictures. I do not need the money, and I am in no hurry to sell. Why yes, this is priced above trade-in and even standard retail. To the true connoisseur, you know what this vehicle is really worth. If you find one with lower mileage and at a lower price, you better buy it, as it will be the best vehicle purchase you make in this lifetime. This is the Tri-Five Nomad wagon of our generation. Do not let this one get away. You will be kicking yourself (yes I will too) in the future when this is THE car to have at the car show. It already gets a lot of attention when I am out and about.

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    I have one with only 12k miles and love it to death.
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