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    Question Hp Tuner on nag1 tcm - write entire only option?

    I've got a 2006 jeep srt8 turbo among other mopar rides and have a question for the more seasoned

    Only options for writing tcm are write entire and do not write. I'm scared of bricking the tcm but obviously the stock nag1 tcm needs the tune my tuner is giving me for it.

    Is it safe to use write entire when there is no partial write option on hp tuners here? I ask mainly because I am only starting with hp tuners and of course the few learning hp videos I watched warned about choosing write entire vs write calibration on the ecu. Didn't hear them mention the tcm and of course nothing mopar specific. But I figure for guys that are more used to hp tuners they can provide some insight into what they did with tcm and if they are writing entire or if that's something to never ever ever ever do

    My well regarded remote tuner is maybe a bit hesitant I think to definitively say go for it with write entire tcm just to be safe about bricking (he hasn't said don't though). He thinks there should be an option in hp tuners for tcm other than write entire.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts or input. I'm sure I could be missing something

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    interested in hearing responses

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    You should be prompted to read the TCM before changing anything and writing it. I've got HPT and I haven't had any issues with my 06 SRT Mopar Performance TCM and I've written and rewritten it a number of times.

    Might be good to have a spare TCM available before you write it tho, just in case. Murphy's Law and all ya know...
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