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    Sloppy shifts when not using Tranzformer

    Hey all!

    I've had a 2005 300c for about a year and a half. I installed a Tranzformer about a week after I got the car, and have been running with it turned on ever since. The other day I swapped out the amp and when I did that, I accidentally pulled the power wire out of the Tranzformer. The car shifts very slowly without the Tranzformer. It's almost like the pump pressure is way too low if that makes sense. I put the wire back in and turned the Tranzformer back on, and shifts are now back to super hard and tight shifting.

    Is this a sign of a failing pump, or possibly a seal or something leaking pressure during shifts? If it's something I can replace/repair to prevent complete failure of the transmission I'd like to do it now before it gets any worse. If it's a sign of the transmission going out, then I'll start watching for a deal on a good used one. The car just turned 190,000.

    Thank you for any suggestions!!

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    You just got used to the firm shifts. The stock shifts are lethargic at best especially the 300 C. After installing the Tranzformer on my 06' 300 SRT I could never drive with it off. The C shifts are even more slow and lethargic and geared towards comfort. If not I have a used Nag been pressure test good to go.

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    Could just be that soft when it's off.

    Try resetting the adaptiveness and turn off your tranzformer and drive around for a bit see if it's any better.

    I don't even notice mine shift if the tranzformer is off, buttery smooth, but I have it set very aggressive, enough that my rear end clunks durring shifts if I have my foot not down enough, or not off throttle.

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    what does everyone have the transformer set at to shift and what percent scaling?

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