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    SpeedLogix LX/LC Forward Upper Control Arm Fail To Align & Rub Body

    I purchased upper control arms from SpeedLogix two years ago. Installed them, put 5-6k miles on them. Had car jacked up and happened to see that they were bent. Design flaw.

    SpeedLogix offered to replace them for free. Got new ones, completely destroyed in the mail, they didn't pad it or package it properly. Sent them back.

    Got new ones, went to install: wrong spacer diameter. Overnighted me new ones, THOSE didn't fit. Mailed me a third set: finally they fit. Can't use more than two spacers on either side of the arm because of the tapered bolt. Had to buy new high-grade bolts to get the spacers to fit properly regardless of caster adjustments.

    Adjusted caster to MAXIMUM negative, STILL over the target by POSITIVE 2+ degrees, not to mention the .072" clearance NOT under load between the hardware on the adjustment tabs and the body of the vehicle. They have rubbed the paint and metal away on my 2011 Challenger GWE SRT.

    SpeedLogix has refused to refund my money yet has openly acknowledged their fault in a disastrous design of 700 dollar control arms that don't function. Lisa is always trying to "Make things right" with me, yet I can't achieve alignment within specifications of manufacturer for road safety and I can't do anything with these because of the design flaw.

    Now she won't respond to texts, calls or emails, even on her personal phone.

    Luckily AAD Performance (Mikah & now Parker as well) stepped up to make things right with a new set of control arms which are being installed as I type this. Pictures here will show you exactly how flawed they are and how dangerous they can be. I would STRONGLY recommend against these arms to anyone who cares for their safety and values their vehicle's integrity. I have included comparison photos here.

    Check out the full BBB complaint here. It's apparent BBB didn't understand the seriousness of this issue.: BBB Business Profile | Speedlogix, Inc. | Reviews and Complaints
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