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Interesting hobby!
I assume working with Graphene is not an easy task.
I am not familiar with its effect on health if inhaled.
While we hear stories about Graphene coated masks in Canada?
some consider it the magic Bullet cause of the unique arrangement of the carbon atom.
Others make the claim Graphene can stop an actual Bullet.
This thing is super strong, stronger than diamond yet has a very thin layers. Amazing

Good luck and stay safe from it Simon !

Not sure how Manufacturers are incorporating graphene into cell production. It's enhancing safety (LiPoly batteries are very dangerous - many have burnt their vehicles / houses to the ground either incorrectly charging or not constantly monitoring the packs while charging) and pack stability during high current consumption - which in-turn adds to the number of charge / discharge cycles (packs last longer).

Ya, some bright bulbs thought adding graphene to face masks for COVID protection would give them a leg-up over the competition. On the other hand, it is truly amazing the width and breadth of graphene applications being discovered frequently.

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