Description: Building a house and sold my 2016 Challenger Scat Pack. Returned to stock, these take off parts are priced to move.

Unmarried Diablo Trinity (T-1000) and unlocked PCM $525.00 shipped. Includes all cables and window mount.
The unlocked PCM is set to my old VIN, I believe it is a $100 fee for Diablo to change it to another VIN.

Tazer $100.00 shipped. This was used on my 2016 and does not include the bypass cable. The cable to connect to your PC is included. Firmware version 2.4.9 is on it. SOLD

Per4mance Billet Diff Brace (black) $175 shipped. The link to the product is below. IMO this was the best bang for the buck mod I had. Greatly reduced wheel hop and the rear end felt much more planted.

Thanks for looking,

Price (USD): $1

Location: Richmond, VA
Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within Country
Shipping Cost (USD): $0