Description: This is for anybody currently running an Air Lift Performance 3P pressure system that wants to upgrade to the 3H height system. This kit includes the height sensors, linkage, hardware, and mounts for sensors, along with wiring to connect to the 3P manifold main harness. This kit will auto-adjust your bag pressure when your vehicle experiences different load levels at each corner. The kit is used but otherwise in great condition. The wiring has no crimps/cuts in it. Included are upgraded aluminum height sensor arms as the original ones are plastic and can break easily which is why this kit will only bring 3 height sensors rather than 4. You are able to purchase the 4th height sensor directly from Air Lift Performance using this link:

The kit directly from Air Lift Performance is $450 new:

Price (USD): $250

Location: Miami, FL
Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within Country
Shipping Cost (USD): $25