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    Procharger P1x kit for 5.7/6.1 hemi cars

    Description: Procharger P1x helical partial kit for 5.7/6.1 Lx cars (Charger, Magnum, Chrysler 300)

    $2300 cash. No trades. Will ship at buyers expense. Paypal fees on buyer. Will warranty that head unit is good. Ran like it should before my chrysler 300 got wrecked.

    Used for ~10k total miles. Procharger oil changes done on schedule
    Was very strong unit which made impressive power (no #s though)
    I had a johan tune and was very happy with his work as always

    Please read full ad carefully. You're going to need a few parts which got damaged ($850-1300 total).

    What’s included but not visible in photos:
    - upgraded injectors that came with from procharger
    - 2 bar map sensor
    - power steering tube relocation bracket
    - oil cooler relocation bracket

    All good:
    - P1X helical gear head unit
    - Tensioner
    - One of the 2 black plenums
    - Blowoff valve/surge kit
    - Pulley (3.4 or I can give you stock 3.7)
    - vacuum lines
    - power steering relocation bracket
    - map 2 bar sensor
    - air inlet/filter
    - more I’m probably forgetting

    Needs minor work but very usable:
    1. Main bracket for LX cars. This got a minor bend. Being that alignment is very important for a supercharger so it doesn’t throw belts, you’ll have to get this straightened out to use. Make sure you find someone confident they can fix.
    2. Black coolant assembly. Has minor crack. Needs a weld and will be usable.

    Total part cost to make a whole kit:

    $854 needed if you wait until you can get a used procharger intercooler


    $1297 in parts needed (free shipping from brutespeed) if you go with all new parts including the intercooler

    You’ll need these parts:

    Coolant assembly bag / radiator relocation brackets - $59 (

    Passenger side black plenum $293 (

    New intercooler - $793 (


    Used procharger intercooler: $300-400. I see these come up few times a year when guys upgrade to the next level procharger race intercooler for the charger/300/challengers.

    Intercooler bag / brackets - $152 (

    You’ll also need:
    Custom tune (and I’d recommend Johan or AJ)

    Crank pin kit $99 (

    Green belt imo.

    Spark plus as rec’d by your tuner.


    I’m just trying to be upfront about full rundown in costs for those who might not know how to evaluate what they’re looking at and what’s needed to complete it for their lx project. I’ve found that procharger is very user friendly kit to install (I did it)

    I'll stand behind the kit and my representation of it. I'd cover part of the cost for a new main bracket if the aluminum one included breaks when they try to rebend it. But I think that's worth trying first because it seems pretty minor to me

    Price (USD): $2300

    Location: Chesterton, indiana
    Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within Country
    Shipping Cost (USD): $1234


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    Hate your so far away. Glws
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    SOLD to cool forum member who is going to love getting boosted for the first time. I'm going to make sure he's good to go in getting everything up and working

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